How do I apply to be at the location? Can anyone apply?

Location Location Location is one of the most popular house hunting shows on British television.

As a Channel 4 favorite, he sends potential buyers through various homes.

And one thing that almost always reflects the homes’ featured prices – is the location.

But how can you apply for the show? And how long has it been on TV now?

Are you looking forward to the new series? (Credit: Channel 4)

How can I apply to Location Location Location?

Kanal 4 is accepting new applications for the show.

The only requirement is that you are a chainless buyer.

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On their official application form, they state, “You can enlarge or reduce, buy your first home, or hope to find your ideal home forever. You may feel that your budget is delaying your search, or you may just want to buy soon and need advice on navigating the property market.

“If this sounds like you, get in touch with the Location Location Location team and you could be selected for our brand new series. With a dedicated team on your quest, plus the help of Kirstie and Phil, there is no better way to find your next home.

Location channel 4
Kirstie and Phil chat with prospective buyers (Credit: Channel 4)

“If that sounds like you – and you are a non-chain buyer – get in touch now.”

consequences this link apply to be on the hit show.

Who will host the show in 2021?

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer continue to host this popular series.

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They have become synonymous with the show and have great onscreen chemistry.

Kirstie, 49, worked in home design and ran a property search firm.

While Phil has worked as a surveyor and as a high-end property finder and investor.

Kirstie and Phil
Kirstie and Phil on Good Morning Britain (Image credit: ITV)

Although the two see each other like a house on fire – they are not a couple!

In fact, both are married to other people.

During the conversation with Good housekeeping Last year, Kirstie said she was sometimes frustrated with Phil’s popularity when it came to ending the show.

But she blamed it on sexism.

She said, “I once said to my agent, ‘Phil gets all this voice-over work and I don’t get any; Where am i going wrong? ‘And she said, “According to advertisers, women make 95% of buying decisions and don’t want to know what other women should do.”

“Things like that make it very difficult and a great deal of it is still going on.”

How much longer will the Channel 4 series run?

The show has been on Channel 4 since its launch in 2000.

The 35th series is about to start.

When is it the next time?

The new series starts on Wednesday, April 7th at 8 p.m. on channel 4.

In the premiere episode, Phil will help Lloyd and Karina to become first-time buyers.

While Kirstie will help foster home managers Richard and Helen find their new home forever.

In addition, episodes dating back to the first series can now be streamed on All4.

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