How do I take part in Naked Attraction? Is there aftercare?

Naked Attraction is one of the most controversial shows in the UK, but that didn’t stop people from applying after participating!

Series 7 of the Channel 4 show aired last year, with reruns of the previous series currently being broadcast, and now the hunt for candidates for Series 8 is on.

If you’ve ever thought about being on the show, here’s how to apply.

Naked Attraction is very popular in the UK (Credit: Channel 4)

How to Participate in Naked Attraction

Anyone who wants the chance to appear naked in front of the nation simply has to Fill out a short application form.

But you are not just chosen to appear.

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Those who are shortlisted will have to audition completely naked in front of Channel 4 managers.

And there is no promise that the audition will secure a place on the show.

Lauren Harries
It’s easy to apply for Naked Attraction, but difficult to make it through, like Lauren Harries (Credit: Channel 4)

How is the audition?

“I went to Newcastle and sat down and had a chat with a camerawoman and a male interviewee,” a former candidate told Telly Mix last year.

Then they said, ‘Can you take off your clothes now and face us? ‘It took about 45 minutes.

“It wasn’t that uncomfortable, I felt good.”

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Participants undergo a series of exams (credit: Channel 4).

Does Naked Attraction have aftercare?

Mike Cotton, assistant creative director at Studio Lambert, said in 2019 that the casting process was “tedious”.

He said producers conduct various background, social media, and psychological reviews and interviews.

“I’m proud of the fact that everyone who takes part in the show has a positive experience,” he said.

The director also says that attendees have the option to cancel before it airs.

“We tell them they may be 20 years old now, but in 20 years a screenshot of the episode may come up and they are fully aware of it. You then speak to a psychologist who will make sure that it is you [mentally] robust and have considered all options.

“In the studio we also have reserve candidates who they know, so they can change their mind at any time. Because we do all of these things, we didn’t have any problems later. “

Naked Attraction is broadcast on Channel 4. You can catch up on past episodes online at All 4.

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