How does this morning cook Joseph Denison Carey know Holly Willoughby?

Viewers that morning passed out when Chef Joseph Denison Carey returned to the show today.

The star appeared on the show on Wednesday to prepare wild mushroom risotto.

But it wasn’t his kitchen that many viewers focused on as they raved about his looks on Twitter.

Joseph Denison Carey passed out viewers on This Morning (Image credit: ITV)

Who is this morning chef Joseph Denison Carey?

22-year-old Joseph from London appeared on the daily show several times over the past year.

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As well as being a culinary expert, Joseph is the founder of the Bread and Butter Supper Club, along with friends Noah and Henry.

At the age of 16 he went to a cooking camp and attended a cooking school in Italy in order to qualify later.

This morning Chef Joseph
Joseph first appeared this morning last June (Credit: ITV)

When did Joseph first appear that morning?

The chef made his debut on the show last June.

Joseph spoke about the live cooking on the program Missoma: “It’s fun because I keep going and I’m totally relaxed all morning until then.

“Then as soon as the cameras turn on my heart, it starts pumping in my chest. But it’s so much fun. “

How does Joseph know Holly Willoughby?

On his first appearance that morning, Joseph announced that he has known host Holly for years.

Holly explained, “Joseph, whom I’ve known since he was tiny, so it’s really weird for me to sit here now and see you all grown up on TV!”

Joseph said, “I’m glad to be here! I am happy to be here on TV with you. “

Meanwhile, Joseph added of his career as a chef: “I moved to Italy shortly after school. It was terrifying but amazing. I learned some evil skills there that I will never forget. “

Holly Willoughby this morning
Holly has known Joseph for years (Credit: ITV)

What happened on today’s show?

As Joseph cooked his mushroom risotto today, viewers flocked to Twitter.

One person said: “I think Joseph should cook topless, just an idea @this morning Thanks in advance!”

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Another wrote: “Hey joseph #This morning You can always cook me a risotto. “

A third added: “#This morning Joseph is single … asks for a friend … “

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