How Fast Flavors star once lost three stones

Nadiya’s Fast Flavors star Nadiya Hussain has revealed she took a weight loss journey to lose three stones.

The former bake off star, 36, also revealed how she did it – although her method isn’t recommended for everyone.

Nadiya claimed she cut her meals to one a day (Credit: BBC)

How did Nadiya Hussain lose three stones and what was her method?

In an interview with Hello! magazine In 2018, the star announced that she had lost an incredible three stones six years earlier.

And she explained how she did it.

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“On a day that I’m not working, I only eat one meal a day. So I drink tea, coffee, and fruit, but I only eat one meal a day.

“So I wait for my kids to come home, cook dinner, and then have dinner with them at 5pm. And after that I really don’t need anything. “

Of course, nutritionists would disagree with Nadiya’s extreme dieting techniques, having three healthy meals a day containing all of the food groups recommended by health experts.

Nadiya Hussain revealed how she lost three stones
Nadiya also exercised regularly (Image: BBC)

Regular exercise

Their one-meal-a-day approach was complemented by regular exercise.

“And then when I’m home I try and – at the moment I’m doing 5 km – so I walk and jog a 5 km every day where I can,” she continued.

Prior to her method, Nadiya also stated that having a happy family life with husband Abdal had caused her to pile on the pounds.

And after her meal replacement failed, she took her new approach and said she also drank up to four liters of water a day.

She experimented with a plant-based diet

Nadiya and her family also experimented with veganism in 2018.

For two weeks she, Abdal and her three children refrained from using the animal products.

“You can imagine the look on my kids’ faces when I announced, ‘Folks, we’re going vegan for a week – maybe two if you’re lucky!'” She told BBC Good Good Magazine.

“The resounding silence was a sure sign that they weren’t impressed.”

However, the family soon warmed up to plant-based dishes.

But she said she would never give up meat entirely.

Nadiya Hussain revealed how she lost three stones
Fast Flavors star Nadiya Hussain wants to have fun cooking again (Image: BBC)

What is Nadiya’s new series Fast Flavors about?

In Nadiya’s new six-part series, she wants to have fun cooking again.

She said, “I’m so looking forward to Nadiya’s Fast Flavors.

“I’m going to bring a whole range of new everyday recipes to the table that are easy to achieve but are gushing with taste.

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“This new range is packed with dishes that will brighten and entertain, proof that you don’t need a special occasion to try bold, exciting flavors that taste great and make you feel great.”

The recipes in the series include French toast with custard with pistachio crumb, Bombay mix burger, lemon and basil shortbread and coffee glazed focaccia.


The series starts tonight at 8:30 p.m. on BBC Two.

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