How many children does she have? Is she still married?

How many children does Fiona Bruce have and is she still married?

The TV presenter is on The One Show tonight (Monday 15th March) to discuss new episodes of the Antiques Roadshow.

Read on to find out more about the journalist, her husband, their children and the work at the BBC.

Fiona Bruce is the main host of the Antiques Roadshow (Photo credit: /

How old is Fiona Bruce and how tall is she?

Fiona was born on April 25, 1964 and was 56 years old.

She will celebrate her 57th birthday next month.

According to the CelebHeights website, Fiona is 175.3 cm tall.

The host joined the Antiques Roadshow in the ’90s (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Fiona’s work on the Antiques Roadshow

The Antiques Roadshow started in 1979 and Fiona joined in 1998 as a presenter.

Previously, she was a presenter on various television programs, including Public Eye and Newsnight.

It was not until 2008 that she succeeded Michael Aspel as the main presenter of the program and finally landed her “dream job”.

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she said The courier 2019: “I am incredibly happy to have worked on the Antiques Roadshow for the past 12 years. I love it and have had so many highs over the years. “

In the same chat, she revealed the high point of her career so far as the Antiques Roadshow.

In one episode, a man brought back a painting he believed to be the Flemish artist Sir Anthony van Dyck.

She explained, “My personal favorite would probably have to be if a man made of cloth showed up with a painting that he thought might be a Van Dyck.

I love it and have had so many highs over the years.

“I looked at it – and I was doing a program on Van Dyck at the time – and I thought it looked like a real article. And so we had it examined and my guess turned out to be correct. “

When she continued speaking, she said the painting had turned out to be real and was now on display.

Fiona told the newspaper she couldn’t imagine that ever happening [her] again “and sees it as”[definite] To mark”.

Fiona said a real Van Dyck painting was her highlight on the Antiques Roadshow (Photo Credit: David Whinham /

Does Fiona Bruce have children?

Yes, Fiona Bruce has two children.

Their children are daughter Mia and son Sam. Her father is Fiona’s husband, Nigel Sharrocks.

Sam is 22 years old and Mia is 19.

Fiona’s husband, Nigel Sharrocks (Photo Credit: Zed Jameson / /

Who is Nigel Sharrock’s husband? How long have you been married?

Fiona married her husband Nigel in 1994. They met when they both worked for the advertising agency Boase Massimo Pollitt.

Today Nigel holds several non-executive directors and chairmen, including at the advertising agency Union Local Planet.

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Previously, he was the managing director of the Warner Bros. film company and directed the publishing of blockbuster films, including the Matrix and Harry Potter franchises.

Nigel has also held senior positions at Gray Advertising, MediaCom and Aegis Group.

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