How much did he inherit from Diana?

During the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex explained how he was “financially cut off” from the royal family.

He said he had been living on money since early last year left him by his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

But how much did he get from her?

ITV aired Harry and Meghan’s chat with Oprah Winfrey (Image Credit: SplashNews)

What did Prince Harry say in the Oprah interview?

Harry told US host Oprah Winfrey about his new life in LA with Meghan, her son Archie and their menagerie of pets: “I have what my mother left me. And without that we couldn’t have done it.

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“It’s like she saw it coming and she went through this whole process with us.”

Prince Harry and Prince William
According to reports, Harry and William have each inherited millions (Credit: SplashNews)

How much did Harry and William inherit from Diana?

According to The Telegraph, Princess Diana left about £ 6.5 million for each of her sons when she died.

When they invested it, Harry received roughly £ 10 million on his 30th birthday.

After the interview aired in the US on Sunday evening (March 7th), writer Andrew Morton appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the various revelations.

I have what my mother left me. We couldn’t have done it without that.

And he told GMB host Piers Morgan he believed Diana would “enjoy” what happened to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Harry said his legacy has been useful (Image Credit: CBS / Harpo Productions)

Claims Diana “takes revenge”

Piers asked Andrew, “What would Diana do with it, surely she wouldn’t enjoy any of it?”

The author, who published biographies of Prince Harry’s mother, said, “I think the irony is that she would enjoy it. It’s almost like Diana taking revenge beyond the grave.

The Duke of Sussex received around £ 10 million on his 30th birthday (Photo credit:

“Remember, she was the frontrunner in this area. She put the boot on Prince Charles about 20 years ago.

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“She talked about wanting to be the queen of people’s hearts. [This] caused the queen to agree to her divorce. “

However, Harry told Oprah that his mother felt “very angry and very sad” about how things had turned out.

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