How much weight did she lose? Diet problems explained

Gemma Collins launched a new diet in 2020 that resulted in a major weight loss milestone for the star.

But how much did she lose? And how did she do it?

And what has she said about her weight in the past?

Read on for answers to these questions and more.

How much weight did Gemma Collins lose?

Gemma said she lost three stones last year.

While she revealed last year that she had an overall weight loss goal of six stone.

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she said The sun: “I would be very happy if I lost six stones, as that would reduce me to 12 stones and a size of 16.”

Gemma’s weight has gone up and down over the years (Credit: SplashNews)

Despite showing off her stunning weight loss results in Instagram snaps, she refuses to reveal her weight.

Nor do you admit that she was the greatest weight or smallest height ever.

What size was Gemma Collins on TOWIE?

When Gemma Collins first came to The Only Way is Essex in 2011, she was noticeably leaner.

Since then, she has hit back fashion designers claiming they refused to wear them even though she was only 14 years old.

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Last year she wrote on Instagram: “Of course I was confident when I went on the show, but a lot of clothing brands wouldn’t lend me their clothes because they said I was too fat.

Gemma Collins TOWIE
Gemma Collins on the only way is Essex (Image Credit: ITV

“I was a size 14/16 and you know I’m taller now and basically I have my own brand of clothing.

“So to everyone who wouldn’t lend me clothes or put me in their brands, what do you have to say now, Huns?”

What did Gemma Collins say about SkinnyJab?

Gemma Collins is an ambassador for SkinnyJab.

This is an appetite suppressant weight loss tool.

And usually costs £ 250 per batch.

Gemma largely attributed her weight loss to using the product.

She previously wrote on Instagram: “Everyone asked, how the hell did you lose weight, GC?”

“Well, it’s all down to Skinny Jabs and the great team there.

“You’ve changed my whole life when it comes to dieting.”

What did Gemma say about her weight?

Gemma says she was mocked and complimented on her weight.

During a video interview with SkinnyJab, Gems said, “I just hope no one is ever made to feel who I was.

“Yes, I’m in public. But people looked me up and down and said, “Well, you have a beautiful face.”

“And I was absolutely fed up with it. I was so low I didn’t know how to get out of the rut. “

Gemma fortune
Gemma says she lost an incredible three stones (Credit: ITV)

Is Gemma a vegan?

Gemma has said that she reduced her meat intake as part of her weight loss results.

She doesn’t appear to be entirely vegan, however, as she has since shared Instagram stories about her eating meat products.

But she seems to be a passionate supporter of animal welfare issues. She regularly posts animal cruelty news on her social media.

And she has promoted Peta in the past.

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