How old is Finding Alice Star Joanna Lumley and is she married?

Joanna Lumley is currently on the new ITV drama series Finding Alice.

The BAFTA winner, 74, has been a big British star for decades.

It was even awarded an OBE in 1995.

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But how did she first get famous? She is married? And does she have children?

Find the answer to all of these questions and more …

Joanna Lumley as Sarah Dillon in the search for Alice (Image credit: ITV)

Who is Joanna Lumley to find Alice?

Joanna Lumley plays Sarah Dillon Finding Alice.

It’s a drama starring Keeley Hawes, a part-time bridal assistant named Alice, who is soon lost in grief when her husband is found dead at the bottom of the stairs.

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As she tries to find out what happened, Alice reveals family secrets, debts and suspicions.

On the show, Joanna plays Sarah, Alice’s mother.

Sarah is a former model who once had great ambitions to get rich and famous.

However, she chose her then law student husband Roger.

After years in a lackluster marriage, she’s bitter, brutally honest, and definitely not one to mess with.

joanna lumley obe
Joanna is an extremely successful English actress (Credit: SplashNews)

When did Joanna Lumley first get famous?

Joanna Lumley started out as a model in the 1960s.

But she first became famous when she appeared as Purdey in The New Avengers.

A reboot of the original Avengers series, it ran from 1976 to 1977.

Joanna appeared in a number of British television series and in several films during the 1970s and 1980s.

Today, however, she is best known for her unforgettable lead role in Absolutely Fabulous.

Joanna starred in the hit BBC comedy starring Jennifer Saunders. The series played Patsy Stone and ran from 1992 to 2012. She won two TV BAFTAS for her role.

Joanna Lumley
Joanna was a Bond girl and starred in Absolutely Fabulous (Credit: SplashNews)

Was Joanna Lumley a James Bond Girl?

Joanna Lumley was a Bond girl in Her Majesty’s service in 1969.

She played ‘English Girl’ as one of Blofeld’s twelve Angels of Death.

Was Joanna Lumley on Coronation Street?

Joanna played none other than Ken Barlow’s friend on Coronation Street.

When Elaine Perkins was performing on the cobblestone for two months in 1973, her character turned down Ken’s proposal.

jennifer lumley and jennifer saunders absolutely fabulous
Jennifer Saunders with Joanna (Image credit: SplashNews)

Is Joanna Lumley Married?

Joanna Lumley is married.

She was briefly married to the English actor Jeremy Lloyd in 1970.

She married the conductor Stephen Barlow in 1986 and they remain married today.

How many children does Joanna have?

Joanna has one child, James, known as Jamie.

Joanna was born in 1967, was a single mother and has not disclosed who Jamie’s father is.

She is now a proud grandmother as her son has two daughters, Alice and Emily.

What is Jonna Lumley’s net worth?

According to Joanna has a net worth of approximately £ 13 million.

When is Finding Alice next time?

Finding Alice premieres on ITV this Sunday, January 17th at 10pm.

The episode can be streamed on ITV Hub shortly after it aired.

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