How old is James Nesbitt and how did he and Billie Piper meet?

James Nesbitt is on the Graham Norton Show with Billie Piper this Friday, but how did they become friends?

The Northern Irish actor is known for his roles in Cole Feet, The Hobbit – and many more.

But how old is he? And what about his personal life? And how did he get into acting? Here you will find answers to these and other questions …

How old is James Nesbitt?

James Nesbitt was born on January 15, 1965. From 2021 he will be 56 years old.

James Nesbitt and buddy Billie Piper join Graham Norton (Image credit: SplashNews)

How did James Nesbitt get into acting?

James began playing as a teenager and ended up playing the role of Artful Dodger at the Riverside Theater when he was only 13. He then graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, graduating in 1987 at the age of 22.

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A number of theater roles and small television roles followed. Before he got really far when he got the role of Adam Williams on Cold Feet.

The series ran from 1998 to 2003 and then again from 2016 to 2020 – which made James a British name.

A variety of additional television, advertising and film roles followed.

Outstanding roles include Bloody Sunday, The Hobbit, Jekyll and Murphy’s Law.

cold feet star
He is best known for starring in Cold Feet in the UK (Credit: SplashNews).

When did he work with Billie Piper?

James worked with Billie Piper on her racy adaptation of Canterbury Tales. The 2003 BBC series recorded a modern version of the Chaucer series.

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The couple is believed to have remained friends since then – and both appear on the Graham Norton Show on Friday.

Billie Piper and Laurence Fox
Billie and James traded together (Credit: SplashNews)

Did James Nesbitt turn down Doctor Who?

James was reportedly offered to replace David Tennant in Doctor Who – who also played for his buddy Billie Piper.

But he denied the rumors and even told the BBC that it would be “career suicide” for him to accept such an offer.

Did James Nesbitt win any awards?

James has won many prestigious awards over the years. These include the National Television Award for Most Popular Comedy Actor for his role in Cold Feet and the British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Actor for Cold Feet in 2000.

James Nesbitt that morning
James This Morning (Image credit: ITV)

What is James Nesbitt’s Net Worth?

According to Irish timeJames’ Brown Cow Films company is valued at over £ 4 million. However, his total personal wealth is likely to be much higher.

Is James Nesbitt Married?

James was married to English actress Sonia Forbes-Adam from 1994 to 2016. However, they started dating in 1989.

Speaking of divorce to the Radio times In 2020 he said: “I definitely regret things, but I am also aware that I cannot change them.

Before you add, “You can try to learn from it. I regret any pain that has been caused. “

During his marriage, a legal secretary sold a story about her alleged affair with the actor.

James Nesbitt with his ex-wife
James with his ex-wife Sonia (Image credit: SplashNews)

Does he have kids?

James and Sonia share two daughters – Peggy (24) and Mary (20). Both are also actors and have appeared in the last two Hobbit films.

James Nesbitt single?

James Nesbitt’s current relationship status is not fully confirmed. However, he has been photographed at events with actress Katy Gleadhill since 2019. Hence, it is believed that she is his girlfriend.

James Nesbitt with ex-wife and children
James with his ex-wife and two daughters (Credit: SplashNews)

What was the famous James Nesbitt advertisement for?

James Nesbitt was featured in several Yellow Pages. This included the funny ad when James tried unsuccessfully to cut his niece’s hair. All you have to do is use the yellow pages to find a local hairdresser.

What is he working on in 2021?

James Nesbitt starred in Bloodlands last year and has just finished filming the TV series Stay Close.

It is expected to air on television later in 2021.

How to see James Nesbitt on the Graham Norton Show

James will be on the Graham Norton Show this Friday, January 29th at 10:35 pm.

Once the episode has aired, it can be streamed on BBC iPlayer

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