How old is Mr. Motivator and is he still training?

Mr Motivator made a comeback last year as the demands on home workouts increased during lockdown.

But how old is he now? And where can we access his workouts?

And does he still live in the UK?

Here you will find the answer to these and other questions …

How old is Mr. Motivator now?

Mr. Motivator was born in Jamaica on November 15, 1952.

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He has been 68 years old since February 2021.

Have you tried his workouts? (Image credit: SplashNews)

What is the real name of Mr. Motivator?

We’re sorry to have to tell you, but Mr Motivator is not the real name of this popular workout guru.

In fact, his real name is Derrick Errol Evans. And he’s an MBE.

Why did he have to leave the UK?

Mr Motivator became very popular on daytime TV in the 90s because he was easy to follow and felt good about exercising.

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But he unexpectedly gave up his role as a fitness presenter on GMTV in 2000.

A few years later he returned to Jamaica for the health of his daughter.

Here he built an eco-tourist center and also a paintball destination.

Mr. Motivator Gordon Brown 2009
Mr Motivator with Gordon Brown in 2009 (Image Credit: SplashNews)

In his book he wrote: “As a child in 2003 she had breathing problems. So we moved back to Jamaica, where her health was improving, and opened the H’Evans Scent eco-tourism resort and the PaintSplat Paintball Center. “

However, he returned to the UK several times a year for entertainment bookings.

Where does he live now?

In 2018, Mr Motivator returned to the UK with his family and settled in Manchester.

And by 2020, he found that he was back in demand due to the sudden explosion of home exercise.

After millions were stuck at home, his retro workouts suddenly became popular again.

Where can I find Mr Motivator workouts?

Many Mr Motivator workouts can be streamed.

Last year he also joined HealthCheck UK Live on the BBC, some of which can still be streamed online.

But his official training videos are mainly available on his Youtube Channel.

Here, viewers have access to dozens of workouts. Most of them are less than 15 minutes long.

What did he say about the NHS?

Mr Motivator is a passionate supporter of the NHS.

But he believes unsuitable people and smokers should pay to get their services.

Speak with The sun Earlier this year he argued, “You have to deal with everyone, but what really annoys me is that you know the warnings. If you’re not careful about it, maybe you should put your hand in your pocket and pay more for your treatment. “

Before you add, “You cannot refuse treatment to anyone regardless of the disease, but if I was warned by the doctor and in 1983 it was listed that you were warned, ‘If you don’t do this, you know it will be done’ ; If you need treatment, maybe you should pay another ten percent into the NHS. “

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