How old is the star of the Great British Menu?

Caroline Criado-Perez is guest judge on the episode of the Great British Menu on Good Friday.

Caroline joins the other judges and criticizes critics as they conjure up Scottish delicacies.

But who is this feminist star? And which books is it best known for?

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We take a look at the campaigns and presence of Caroline Criado-Perez in the UK …

Where is Caroline Criado-Perez from? How old is she?

Caroline is British but was born in Brazil. She was born in June 1984. She has been 36 years old since April 2021.

She is the daughter of Carlos Criado Perez, the former CEO of Safeway in the UK.

And her mother, Alison, is an English nurse.

Caroline is a leading feminist thinker and writer (Credit: BBC)

She grew up in different countries and attended boarding school in England from the age of 11.

After a brief career in digital marketing, she attended Oxford University as a mature student in 2009.

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Here she immersed herself in gender language and dynamics and became a vocal feminist.

What are some of your feminist campaigns?

She is particularly best known for co-launching the Women’s Room website in 2012.

This should call for better representation of women in the UK media.

In particular, more female experts for media panels such as news programs.

And in 2015, she campaigned against the Bank of England’s decision to replace Elizabeth Fry on £ 10 with Winston Churchill.

caroline tedx
Caroline during a TedX conversation (Image credit: TedX)

Their campaign resulted in 35,000 signatures and legal funding.

This quickly resulted in Jane Austen appearing on the new notes instead of Churchill.

Caroline said she received death threats on social media as a result of the campaign.

To speak to Financial Times In 2017, she said, “Who expects death threats when asking about a woman on a banknote?

“It was awful and terrifying. It was really scary. “

What are some of your books?

Caroline’s books include Do It Like a Woman (2015) and Invisible Woman (2019): Exposing Data Bias in World Designed for Men.

Do It Like A Woman sings the praises of unknown but heroic everyday women. While Invisible Woman aims to expose the gender date gap and how women are reportedly often ignored when collecting data.

Caroline with Theresa May and Sadiq Khan
Caroline with Theresa May and Sadiq Khan (Image credit: SplashNews)

When did she become OBE?

Caroline was named Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2015 Birthday Honors for Services to Equality and Diversity.

Is Caroline Criado-Perez in a Relationship?

Caroline is believed to be in a relationship, but she also seems to keep her personal life extremely private.

She previously wrote about how she had been single for five years.

But it found it annoying how often this was perceived as a problem by others.

Write for The timesShe explained, “It’s not the word that needs to be changed, it’s our attitude towards the single domed nation.

“When I was single, I collected the stories of women who never settled down but led amazing lives that no one could pity. I was getting angrier that I knew so little about most of them. “

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