How the GC raised millions of deals

Gemma Collins has an impressive fortune; In fact, the Diva Forever star is now said to be worth millions.

But how many? How did our favorite star The Only Way is Essex accumulate so much?

And what did she do before she got famous?

Get the answers to all of the above and more below …

What is the net worth of Gemma Collins?

According to Celebritynetworth The GC has a net worth of approximately $ 4 million (£ 2.89 million).

Her impressive earnings are due to her hit television shows as well as some shrewd business moves.

Gemma is a self-made multimillionaire! (Image credit: SplashNews)

Does Gemma Collins have her own business?

Yes! Gemma opened her own fashion boutique in Brentwood, Essex in 2013.

Now called the Gemma Collins Collection, it is a popular shopping destination that specializes in plus size womenswear.

She also sells her clothes online from her officer Website.

Gemma fortune
Gemma got her fingers into lots of cakes (Credit: SplashNews)

You can also buy all kinds of Gemma goods here.

For Christmas, there were Christmas decorations inspired by Gemma and even an advent calendar.

Her Diva Pink perfume and GC-themed sweets can also be bought here.

Does Gemma Collins work for SkinnyJab?

Gemma is an official ambassador for the SkinnyJab weight loss injection tool.

Gem says she lost three stones with the help of weight loss aid.

What else does Gemma do for a living?

Gemma always seems to have her finger on the pulse.

In addition to her duties as an online shop and television presenter, she also runs sponsored ads on Instagram.

Gemma Collins new gin
Gemma’s glamorous new gin (Photo credit: Zymurgorium Flagingo Gin)

And she’s even the face of a new gin liquor, Flagingo Gemma Collins.

She also hosts her very popular podcast on BBC Sounds.

How much money did Gemma make during the lockdown?

Accounts filed under Gemma Collins Ltd. imply that she earned at least £ 5,000 a week during the first national suspension.

While many of us struggled financially during the lockdown, Gemma made it!

She found success with a huge surge in online retail sales. And also some new income from their Diva on Lockdown spin-off streak.

In addition, she has signed a new advertising contract with Wizz Air.

Is Gemma Collins from a Wealthy Family?

Gemma appears to come from a wealthy family and she has said she has been pampered in the past.

Her father Alan founded his own shipping company Unisystems Freight.

Now her brother Russell runs the company.

Gemma Collins shopping rich
Gemma lives the high life! (Image credit: SplashNews)

When was Gemma Collins on TOWIE?

Gemma joined The Only Way Is Essex in 2011. She joined the second series and immediately became a favorite performer with viewers.

What did Gemma do before she got famous?

Gemma worked as a used car saleswoman. She was even featured in her first series by TOWIE in her workplace.

However, as her fame grew, she quit her job to become a full-time celebrity.

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