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Fancy a hammock, but not enough to tie it between two branches?

Have you thought about the hanging chair? It is much more convenient, you will see

What is a hammock hanging chair?

It is also called a hanging seat or chair hammock, this hammock family item attaches to a single point, and you can sit on it. It’s the best folding chair with cushions and suspended in the air!

The advantages are the same as the hammock:

  • You can hang out hanging in the air
  • You are not attacked by critters on the ground (no need to put a blanket on the ground)

you don’t have to look for two trees or buy a wooden stand.

How to tie a hammock chair: choosing a support

A chair hammock is easier to set up than a traditional hammock.

There are two solutions to hang hammock chair

1. Hang your hammock chair on a tree, a beam, a post

Hammocks are usually sold with ropes and a carabiner. Their point of attachment is unique.

The standard kit consists of a rope, one or two carabiners, a hook and possibly a rope shortener if you want to reassemble your hanging chair.

2. Buy a support for your hammock chair

There it is all in one. It is a foot, usually metallic, with a rod that goes up to hang the hammock. The advantage is that it can be fixed.

How to choose a hammock chair?

1. With bar or without a bar?

We had already told you that for traditional hammocks, bars are to be banned because they reduce stability. A hammock should wrap you around so as not to drop.

For a carrycot hammock, the rule is a little different. To maintain the “seat” aspect, the bar is necessary.

However, some models allow it to be removed, the hammock then takes the shape of a basket, which some will consider more comfortable.

2. With or without support?

You don’t have to buy the hammock with a stand. You can buy both separately. The hammock is cheaper than the stand.

If it’s to take it on vacation and hang it in the wild, you probably don’t need a stand.

If you need a stand, you will have to choose between wood or metal. The wood is prettier, but more expensive and bulkier.

The lighter and less expensive metal brackets can be assembled quickly.

The criteria you should look at:

  • Weather resistance
  • The quality of the fabric (cotton rather than synthetic)
  • The chair format
  • The color (ecru, multicolored): it is also a decorative object!

Hanging chair or hammock?

The hanging chair is an alternative to the hammock if you prefer to read than sleep, if you prefer your swinging rather than taking a nap, and if you are afraid of falling!

The garden swing takes up less space than a hammock but loses the exotic side. It’s a question of taste. Both are very comfortable.

With a hanging chair, you feel both enveloped in a small egg-shaped seat, a small nest, but also an observer of the outside world, where the hammock can give the feeling of isolation in a cocoon whose edges fold in on oneself.

When it comes to hanging, the hanging chair is simpler since there is a single point, or two points on the same branch or beam. Unlike the hammock, there is no need to make sometimes difficult adjustments between two attachment points, no management of angles and heights.

The hanging chair gives an original side, retro and sophisticated at the same time (even an evocative “rattan chair” side) while the hammock has more of a traditional connotation, lazing around in the islands under the coconut trees.

On the other hand, it is possible to have a set of wooden folding chairs in the garden, while it is quite possible if you have VonHaus Textoline Chairs With Canopy.

Granted, you can’t really spend all night in it, but to doze off a bit or read under a tree it’s great!

An adult cannot lie down (we sit down) but a child can lie there as in a traditional hammock, with a fairly low risk of falling since the seat hammock is not in general not tied very high.

How high to hang it?

Provide a wide location and a minimum height of 2.50m to fix your hammock chair otherwise the result will be very disappointing and your butt will sweep the floor!
In other words, you have to fix it higher than what you can reach by extending your arm.

It is best to use straps instead of rope.

Maintain and clean your hammock chair

To prevent the colors from fading or bad weather from getting the best of the chair, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, and protect it from the rain.

You can simply shelter it in case of a thunderstorm, and put it in the shade when not in use.

It’s a fairly light product and convenient to carry, you won’t break your back, no worries!

Selection of the best chair hammocks in 2020

Good news: a cheap hammock chair exists! Taking into account the straps, for about a few euros, you can swing suspended in the air. Worth it, right?

The 3 models that caught my attention are the following:

AMANKA XXL Family Hammock Many people hammock Load capacity max. 150 kg
AMANKA XXL Family Hammock Many people hammock Load capacity max. 150 kg
Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair - Outdoor and Indoor
Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair – Outdoor and Indoor
RAXTER Hanging Chair, Holds up to 120 kg, Scandinavian, for garden
RAXTER Hanging Chair, Holds up to 120 kg, Scandinavian, for garden

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