How will the Queen celebrate her official birthday and when is it?

The Queen will celebrate her official birthday at her home in Windsor Castle next weekend.

Plans for a flamboyant four-day weekend to celebrate their platinum anniversary in 2022 were announced earlier this week.

Similar to last year, however, the monarch’s official birthday is becoming a quieter affair due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

The Queen celebrates her official birthday at Windsor Castle (Photo credit: Splash News)

How will the Queen celebrate her official birthday?

The Queen’s official birthday falls on Saturday June 12th and she usually celebrates with the Trooping the Color ceremony in London.

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However, there will be another slimmed-down version that was revealed today (June 4th).

Posting on the Royal Family Twitter page, a post confirms:The Queen will celebrate her official birthday on Saturday June 12th.

“Her Majesty will see a Household Division parade and the Queen’s Color of F Company Scots Guards will be in the square of # Windsor Castle. “

Queen's Birthday: Official Celebrations Unveiled
It will take place at the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle like last year (Source: Splash News)

The Duke of Kent will accompany the Queen

More details of the day were posted on the royal family’s website.

It was announced there that the Duke of Kent would accompany the monarch on this day.

He is a colonel in the Scots Guards.

The Queen will celebrate her official birthday on Saturday June 12th.

The statement added, “The parade will be led by the Foot Guards who will join The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in the arena.

“The music will be played by a massed band from the Household Division, which will include the 1st Battalion Scots Guards Pipes and Drums.”

It added: “Upon the arrival of the Queen and Duke of Kent in the square, Your Majesty and HRH will be greeted with a royal greeting and the national anthem.

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“The parade will start with the music troupe while the band plays. The color is then led through the rows and the parade is concluded with a second Royal Salute. “

It concluded: “The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will then fire a 41 Gun Royal Salute from the East Lawn at Windsor Castle on the occasion of Her Majesty’s official birthday.”

The parade has not been confirmed to be televised. However, the smaller Trooping the Color parade was on the news channels last year.

How old is the Queen and why does she have two birthdays?

The Queen turned 95 on April 21.

The tradition of the British monarch of celebrating two birthdays goes back to 1748.

It first happened during the reign of King George II.

Since his birthday was in November, the weather was not suitable for a large public celebration.

So he decided to combine it with an annual military parade in the summer when hopefully the weather would be nice.

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