Hunting Pedophiles viewers were outraged by sentences

Undercover Police: Hunting Pedophiles viewers used social media to express their shock at the punishments of offenders.

The three-part series follows undercover cops who covertly try to capture sexual predators online.

However, on episode two last night (Monday February 15), viewers appeared appalled by some online predators and their seemingly lax sentences.

The series was lauded by viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened last night at Undercover Police: Pedophile Hunters?

The second installment followed a police officer stealing undercover online.

As a result, a middle-aged male police officer posed as a 13-year-old girl from Essex.

Within minutes of creating an account on a youth social media site, ‘Kiera’ was bombarded with messages from a man named Martin.

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Elsewhere, a man named Andrew was caught sending hundreds of messages to young girls online.

Andrew received eight years for sending these explicit messages.

But Martin – who was arrested by police on the way to find a young girl he’d groomed online with sex toys – was only given three years.

How did the audience react?

The series has been lauded for being a tough but necessary watch for parents.

But viewers were furious after seeing inconsistencies in the sentences of some perpetrators.

Eight years for this married man, still not enough for me.

One viewer said: “Eight years for this married man, still not enough for me.

“And the three year period for the other is absolutely absurd.

“Heavier penalties are required for such scum.”

Undercover Police: Chasing Pedophiles on Channel 4
Viewers were mad at the sentences (Credit: Channel 4)

Another commented after seeing it, “I’m angry more than anything.

“How can one animal that dated sex toys to meet a 13-year-old get three years while the other has eight years to be online?”

Finally a third said, “I saw #HuntingPaedophiles last night.

“A man had eight years to notify young girls and broadcast videos.

“Another had three years to take sex toys and zip ties to a meeting with a 13-year-old.

“And yet you could have ten years to break the Covid travel rules. The system is [bleep]. ”

Undercover Police: Chasing Pedophiles on Channel 4
A member of the Undercover Team (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 say about the show?

Before the series began, Channel 4 made a statement about the show.

It said, “This powerful series is both timely and critically important.

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“As a direct consequence of Covid, millions of children are now stuck at home …

“… Bored, hidden in their bedrooms and chatting online.

“Anyone can open up to the uncanny practice of online care …

“… through an increasing number of potential sexual abusers.”

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