“I hope Victoria gets killed, she gets annoying”

Emmerdale character Victoria Sugden is increasingly concerned about her boyfriend David, but is she going a little too far?

In the past few months, David and Victoria have started to get closer because they both have young children of the same age.

However, David is in a relationship with Meena who, unnoticed by everyone in the village, is a psychopathic killer.

Meena noticed her boyfriend and Victoria approach and was not happy when she heard the cook confess her feelings for David.

Meena killed Nadine Butler and Leanna Cavanagh (Image: ITV)

Meena recently returned from looking after her sick niece in Ibiza. While she was away, David was shot to protect Victoria from the gunman Russ.

When Meena returned, she kept David away from work, but traded his pain relievers for paracetamol.

Victoria became suspicious of Meena, however, and on today’s episode (Tuesday October 12) she broke into David’s house to check on him.

But is Victoria getting too obsessive? So thinks the soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues of Entertainment Daily.

Emmerdale: “Victoria gets obsessed – she’s just as bad as Meena”

I know what a lot of people might think when they read this headline, “There’s no way Victoria is as bad as Meena,” but just listen to me.

People may disagree with me, but I can’t blame Meena for being angry at Victoria’s interference.

Victoria and David have grown closer (Image credit: ITV)

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It’s no secret, of course, that David can’t keep it in his pants and when he cheated on Meena with Vic a few weeks ago I was annoyed that they were going there with him … again.

After David was shot, he turned down Victoria when she confessed her feelings. But it seems like she just can’t take no for an answer.

I understand that she should become suspicious of Meena. However, she only seems suspicious of Meena because she wants to be with David, not because she can really say that Meena is doing something wrong.

She seems jealous and possessed.

There was a scene last week where Meena was looking out the window and Victoria was just standing there staring into David’s house. This is not normal behavior!

Victoria’s behavior becomes questionable (Image: ITV)

Again, I understand that it is meant that she is suspicious, but she acts like a stalker.

And breaking into David’s house after tonight was just weird. Even if the door is unlocked, you don’t just walk into someone else’s house.

Doesn’t anyone lock their doors in this village?

“I hope Victoria is killed next week”

In all honesty, her obsessive behavior gets on my nerves so much that I wouldn’t mind if she got killed next week.

I can’t blame Meena for getting tired of Victoria’s constant need to be around David all the time.

Yes, murder isn’t the answer, but this is a soap and it looks like a character is about to come to an end.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Victoria. Would disappoint me!

Emmerdale Victoria: “Isabel Hodgins is doing a great job”

Isabel has played Victoria since 2006 (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove / Splash News / SplashNews.com)

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I might add that while I disagree with Victoria’s sudden need to do all Wagatha Christie at Meena, it’s not me to beat up Isabel Hodgins.

Isabel has played Victoria for many years. She always did an incredible job with the storylines she was involved in.

And I always say that when a character annoys me or makes me angry, it proves that the actor is doing his job very well.

If Victoria survives Super Soap Week next week it would be interesting to see what’s next for her.

But now, Vic, stop crawling!

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