“If Sunny Leone gets away with it, it’s only because she worked abroad and not here in India”: Gehana Vasisth

In a free and open interview, GEHANA VASISTH JYOTHI VENKATESH says in this What’s App Video that Raj Kundra’s films cannot be described as pornographic because there are great differences between pornography and eroticism. Continue reading!

What do you think of the arrest of Raj Kundra?

Raj Kundra is truly innocent and I believe he has just been brought on the same pornographic charges as I was in February of this year.

Do you think Raj Kundra committed a serious crime while others like Ekta Kapoor of ALT Balaji and Vibhu Aggrwal of Ullu got away with it?

There is a hell of a big difference in what you say in Hindi zameen aasmaan ka farak between erotic and pornographic things, between what you see in Ekta Kapoor’s app ALT Balaji and Vibhu Aggarwal’s OTT Ullu or even Netflix or Amazon. Erotic is what you get to see in certified films like those by Raj Kapoor or Maya Memsaab by Ketan Mehta. They are not pornographic at all. How can you describe Raj Kundra’s films as pornographic?

Can you clarify that?

They’re just erotic or bold. If you’re not saying that movies streamed on Netflix or Ullu or Alt Balaji are pornographic, then how can you label what Raj uploaded on his app as pornographic? Raj Kundra or I are not into pornography at all. We all know what pornography is since we are all over 18 years old. None of the films shown on Hotshot can be classified under the pornography category.

Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra were reportedly paid up to 30 lakhs per video for adult shoots!

This is a joke. Come on. 30 lakhs is by no means a small amount. Who would pay these girls who claim on social media like Instagram, Twitter etc up to 30 lakhs per video when everyone can just pay Rs 99 and watch stuff like that all month on such an app?

What lessons did you learn after your arrest?

I’ve learned that anyone can be trapped here. Any girl can easily be falsely involved in a rape case by another girl. It does not matter whether you have the evidence necessary to contradict the allegations of those you are indicting, because in any case it is easy to throw you in jail as a defendant even though you are under Sections 292 and 293 are free for Rs 15,000 bail and Section 376 cannot be applied to a girl like me as I did not indulge in pornography. Additional sections like 354, 292, 293, and 420 are splayed on you to make your release more difficult.

You have also been charged with shooting pornography!

I shot two songs. It wasn’t porn. It’s a lie that a girl was raped on set. An injured girl on the set was hospitalized for treatment, where attending doctors confirmed that she had not been raped. She also received her contributions. I didn’t shoot pornography and I also paid all of my dues.

Why do you think Sunny Leone was walking free when she started her career as a porn model?

If Sunny Leone gets away with it, it will only be because she worked abroad and not here in India. I don’t think I have the right to comment on Sunny Leone.

Finally, what remedial action do you propose to the government?

I can only say that in the future proper censorship guidelines, as they exist on television, will be made and some lines will be drawn between erotic and pornography and people will be told exactly what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to shoot according to the law.

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