“If there is a star like Hina Khan, the song quickly becomes a hit,” says Rohil Bhatia

Everyone is talking about Hina Khan’s latest film Lines. The film won an award at the Montgomery International Film Festival in the USA and a nomination for Best Picture at the MIFF Awards (Mumbai International Film Festival). The song Jhelum starring Hina Khan gets a lot of audience attention for all the right reasons.

Hina Khan is a big name on television and has her roots in Kashmir. According to Lines filmmaker Rahat Kazmi, she adapts very quickly and loves to learn. She immersed herself in the role of the Nazia and made us believe that she lived there.

Jhelum’s writer and composer Rohil Bhatia agrees. “Jhelum is a song of separation that will tear your heart apart. The lyrics sing of the pain with which many lovers can easily identify. Plus, it easily makes a hit for a star like Hina Khan, who starred in the song. It’s half the battle. I’m grateful that the audience loved the song, ”he smiles.

Lines was produced by Rahat Kazmi Films and is an innocent but gritty story of a young Nazia (Hina Khan) girl depicting the pain of the Kashmiri people suffering from the hatred between two countries. It is currently being streamed on VOOT.

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