Imran and Toyah promote Kelly Neelan?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Kelly is asking to stay with Imran and Toyah. Will you agree to promote it?

Last week Kelly bought drugs from Simon. But things took a terrible turn when Kelly passed out and Asha and Summer had to call an ambulance for her.

In this week’s scenes, Simon visits Kelly in the hospital. He feels terrible after what happened and tells Kelly that if she wants to report him to the police he will take whatever comes to him.

Simon visits Kelly at the hospital (Image credit: ITV)

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On the station, Imran Kelly explains that he has been advised to represent her. He says he needs to know what happened and where she got the drugs from.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Kelly asks to stay with Imran and Toyah

After being released despite charges, a defiant Kelly tells Imran that she is not going back to her foster parents and that he cannot get her to do so.

Kelly suggests sticking with Toyah and Imran (Credit: ITV)

When Imran reveals that he and Toyah are foster parents, Kelly suggests that she could stay with them.

Are you going to take Kelly?

When did Toyah and Imran become foster parents?

Toyah and Imran started sponsoring children last year.

The couple became foster parents for baby Mason over Christmas while his mother was in the hospital. However, after a few days he was able to go home.

Are you going to sponsor Kelly?

What happened to Kelly’s parents?

Kelly’s father, loan shark Rick Neelan, was killed by Gary Windass in 2019. While Kelly believes that Gary killed her father, he claims he didn’t.

Meanwhile, Kelly doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother Laura.

Laura is Kelly’s mom (Image Credit: ITV)

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Last year Billy and Paul discovered that Laura had left Kelly alone and taken her in.

Although Laura came back for her daughter, it was later revealed that Kelly was being fostered after her mother left.

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