Indori Ishq review: Hitting hard, sensual and concise!

Indori Ishq

Producer: Sunil Khetarpal

Director: Samit Kakkad

Occupation: Ritvik Sahore, Vedika Bhandari, Aashay Kulkarni, Meera Joshi, Tithi Raaj, Donna Munshi, Dheer Hira, Sanjay Bhatia, Santosh Juvekar and Sushant Shelar

Platform: MX player

Rating: *** 1/2

Check by: Jyothi Venkatesh

Although the predictable plot with story, script and dialogue by Kunal Marathe aims to guide us through the journey of a 21 year old contemporary young man (Ritvik Sahore) of unrequited love, which leaves you tied up and entices you to watch al the nine episodes of the web series is the way director Samit Kakkad actually handled them with precise skill and clarity.

After finishing school, Kunal leaves his hometown of Indore and moves to Mumbai with the aim of becoming a merchant marine. Vedika Bhandari) and has also secured a place in a top naval college and his parents are incredibly proud of him. However, life is turned upside down when Tara coolly leaves him for another man and poor Kunal is pushed into a world of pain, madness, and insanity. But not for too long – Kunal’s life bottomed out when his girlfriend Tara cheated on him with another guy.

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The film seeks to convey a subtle message that is not so subtle that relationships can only be sustained if both people are equally interested in making it work. We see Kunal fall victim to the betrayal of the infidel Tara, but at the same time he is so in love that he is willing to overlook her infidelity until he is on the verge of losing his self-respect and unwittingly pushing himself into a mortal world of the Pain. Society’s reactions would have been far worse if the tide had been turned in Tara, and it is this stereotype that director Samit Kakkad wanted to shake with this narrative.

He must be praised that the direction does not fluctuate even at a single point and the journey of the protagonist of unrequited love and his journey of falling victim to an unfaithful relationship will let you reach him for comfort. The narrative seeks to explore how the rules of attachment and loyalty differ so drastically in a relationship for both sexes. Although men have been harshly criticized for being unfaithful in a relationship, it appears that a woman becomes less of a problem cheating on her husband when things are reversed. And also, like it or not, society expects the dumped boys to move on immediately, and the suppression of their latent emotions leads to several crises.

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Ritvik Sahore scores with his brilliant way of emotion and proves that he is a sure winner. After all, he has appeared in films like Super 30 as a child star. Vedika Bhandari perfects her complicated and complex role as a restless and horny girl who cannot decide who is better for him. One wonders what an otherwise brilliant actress like Deepti Devi does in a web series like this, in which she hardly plays a significant role as the protagonist’s older sister. Marathi actors like Sushant Shelar and Santosh Juwekar are hugely wasted with just one scene at a time

The web series is a musical homage to the Tum Toh Tehre Pardesi singer Altaaf Raja, who not only programmed the songs but also arranged the music, although Muund Suryavanshi composed the music for the web series. I think after Mallika Sherawat lead actor Khwahish, who boasted up to 37 lip kisses between lead actors, Samit Kakkad’s Indori Ishq will receive the dubious award of being a web series that will have unlimited and sensual kissing sequences. Go binge watching the series as it is tough and concise, as well as sensual to the core. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ekta Kapoor asks Samir Kakkad tomorrow to stage her brave ALT balaji shows like Gandi Baat with mostly adult and voyeuristic content

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