Ines Basic claims she attempted suicide

Married-at-First Sight Australia star Ines Basic has claimed she attempted suicide after seeing the final edit on the series.

The 30-year-old reality star made a splash on the E4 series after allegedly cheating on husband Bronson Norrish with competitor Sam Ball.

Ines has now shown that it couldn’t be more different.

Ines Basic announced that she was considering suicide after Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Channel 4).

Married at First Sight Australia: What Did Ines Basic Say?

According to Ines, Bronson wanted to “multiply partners”.

Despite his alleged demands for an open marriage, she claims the clips were not shown.

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In the meantime, after the final edit, Ines explained how she “thought about suicide” and was taking medication.

She also claims to have suffered from PTSD but had to keep filming.

Ines claimed husband Bronson wanted an “open relationship” (Credit: Channel 4)

In addition to personal family problems, Ines also had to deal with her separation from Sam.

She told that MailOnline: “I was under her therapy for the first time and received medical treatment. I was thinking about suicide while filming, so I got PTSD from it. “

I was thinking about suicide while filming, so I got PTSD.

Ines also said: “I have lost all my body weight. I couldn’t even really walk, I had to be carried from scene to scene by producers, I was so weak and frail. “

To make matters worse, Ines has been mercilessly trolled since the show aired in the UK.

Ines was scarred after her relationship with Sam Ball (Credit: Channel 4)

Although the series was filmed two years ago, the show has only just aired in the UK.

Ines added, “It’s not like hate, it’s literally really threatening. It’s worse than the Australian backlash. It is really wild. “

ED! has asked Channel 4 for a comment.

What happened between Ines and Sam on the show?

The show paired Ines with Bronson and Sam with Elizabeth.

However, Sam and Ines came closer behind their partners’ backs.

The reality star previously prevailed among producers (Credit: Channel 4)

It later showed them that they were sharing a bed without the other participants knowing.

Viewers then mocked Ines when Sam threw back hopes for a romance and left the program.

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Ines, who has undergone a £ 25,000 face transformation since the show, previously opened up to the backlash.

According to the star, MAFSA producers used her as a “puppet”.

When asked if the show was fake or staged, she replied on Instagram, “The whole purpose of a TV show – if you count – networks have money to make or they can’t run.”

She later added, “We are puppets making a TV show for your entertainment.”

Meanwhile, Sam claimed the show staged his affair with Ines.

He also said, “I did what I was asked to and I didn’t care what it looked like then. I was in the zone. I’ve starred in TV commercials before … it was a job for me. “

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