Ines Basic claims she was a puppet and the backlash was unfair

MAFS Australia “villain” Ines Basic has claimed she was portrayed unfairly on the hit show.

The brunette beauty, 28, said viewers need to understand that the producers played a huge role in how she came across.

The law student and influencer answered fans’ questions on Instagram.

When asked if her show was fake or staged, she replied, “The whole purpose of a TV show – if you count – networks have money to make or they can’t run.”

Ines addressed her fans on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

Ines’ MAFS Australia series is now airing in the UK

She went on to explain, “We are puppets making a TV show for your entertainment.”

Ines was mercilessly trolled when she first appeared on Married at First Sight Australia’s sixth series in 2019.

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And then negative online attention returned for the reality star in January when her featured series aired on E4 in the UK.

But Ines said it was too much for one person to deal with and that it really wasn’t fair.

ines basic on mafs australia
Ines claimed producers could be manipulative on reality TV (Credit: E4)

She continued, “There is only so much a performer can be held accountable for because we are not in full control.

“I don’t think it’s fair for someone to film one of these shows because it’s a lot for you to wear something and be responsible for it all.”

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Then she said that reality television is nowhere near as “real” as we might think.

“I’m sorry to disappoint. I know a lot of you guys are really crazy MAFS fans and you think that it’s actually completely real.

“But you play a character and it’s a lot to wear that character. It is a little [bleep] drain. “

ines on mafs australia
Ines insists that she is a very nice person in real life (Credit: Channel 4)

She ended her question-and-answer session saying she was now concerned about being sued.

Ines scolded: “Now I’ve shown you all the tips and tricks. I will probably have six [bleep] Complaints await me as soon as I hang up. “

Why was Ines Basic trolled?

Ines was trolled by viewers after she was paired with Bronson Norrish on the hit series.

ines wedding day
Ines and Bronson on their wedding day (Credit: Channel 4)

When she first saw him she said he looked “inbred” and she mocked his eyebrow piercing.

Later in the series, she was caught sexting by Sam Ball, a rival and part of another couple on the show.

They eventually banded together and left Bronson in the dust.

But Sam was unable to show up for MAFS Australia’s reunion, and it is believed that he and Ines will no longer speak to each other.

In fact, the former trader has joined the Australian Army.

How to see Ines Basic on MAFS Australia in the UK

You can catch up on Ines Basic’s antics on MAFS Australia on E4.

Episodes from the sixth series can be streamed on All 4.

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