International Day of Happiness: Celebrities share what they enjoy and encourage everyone to spread positivity

Happiness is the most powerful and fulfilling state of mind. In the midst of all the trials and tribulations, hope for a better and happier future keeps us going. It’s International Happiness Day on March 20th, and celebrities tell us about their ideas about happiness and what makes them happiest. Continue reading

Piew Jana

Happiness is not ready, it comes from our own actions. I stay happy every moment and think this will be my last on earth. Happiness is a choice, our circumstances can affect it, but we have the power to determine our happiness. My mission is to love my life so that I don’t have time for hate, regret, worry, anger and fear. If I wait for happy moments, I will wait forever. But when I start to believe that I am happy, I will always be happy. I try to surround myself with people who make me laugh, they are there whenever I am in need.

I concentrate on what I enjoy. As John Muir says, “The world is big and I want to take a closer look at it before it gets dark.” I think life would be a mistake without music. Music is the soul of this universe, it inspires the spirit, promotes our imagination and enlivens everything. When music hits you you don’t feel any pain, without music life would be so boring.

Ashish Johri

Doing something for others makes me happy. Other than that, I love music, movies, and explore new creative ideas and business associations. All of this gives me immense pleasure.

Hrishikesh Pandey

I want to wish everyone the happiness and peace in life today. Happiness is the most important thing in any life, but I think people get the meaning wrong these days. They are all looking for all of the materialistic things to make themselves feel happy. People have become diplomatic and manipulative. Happiness for me puts a smile on someone else’s face. When I help others or stand by their side, it makes me happy. When I work, I am happy. I also love to travel.

Saurabh Kaushik

Stay happy and keep others happy too is what I believe in. For me, happiness is when I entertain people through my work, when they like and appreciate me, or when they smile and see me on the screen. Being with my family in my hometown makes me happy too. I just want to tell everyone to do what makes them happy and also spread positivity.

Amit Mishra

Happiness has a multitude of definitions. Some say happiness is a choice. To me, happiness is when you get something you want. Happiness is a word that makes you feel positive. I find happiness in every little thing in life, big and small. I share my joy with family and friends.

Chandni Soni

Coming to Mumbai for work makes me happy. I love the atmosphere and work culture in this city. Meeting friends in Delhi and Bombay puts a smile on my face.

Ajay Kumar Singh

Acting and producing films makes me happy. I’m a workaholic and movies have become a passion.

Nivedita Basu

Spending time with my daughter Oyshee makes me happy. I’m glad to see her grow up. The direction gives me a different high overall.

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