“Irrfan taught me to be a more instinctive director”: When Nikkhil Advani got into working with the great actor

Every time I talk about the opportunity to work with great actors in this industry, the first name that comes to mind is always Irrfan Khan.

Director actor?

He’s an actor-director, but he’s also an accomplished actor. Once he has chosen the script, he knows its character, its graphics and where it is leading. He knows what he is doing. I can talk a lot about Irrfan Khan. The way I’m directing today is because of Irrfan Khan. He taught me to get more instinctive and not be someone who was like an assistant director the whole time, just interested in doing his homework and getting ready. He said try to be more instinctive and spontaneous. The way I approach scenes and stagings, and how I approach my conversations with actors, is thanks to my experience as a director of Irrfan today.

How did he differ from the others?

He dominates the frame. In that sense, even if there are 100 people in the frame, your eyes will always go to him. This type of screen presence is very rare for actors. He has that. Considering that he’s not conventionally handsome, but still has a tremendous amount of onscreen exposure and charisma. Your eyes only move to him.

You worked with other actors too. Did you feel a sense of insecurity between them on set?

No. Irrfan had reached the stage as an actor and performer in terms of both national and international recognition. And he’s someone who doesn’t play games. His craft and talent speak for themselves. So there is no question of uncertainty

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