Is Abi Killing Corey? Coronation Street spoilers for this week

Coronation Street viewers have a question on their lips after tonight’s episode: “Will Abi kill Corey?”

The Corrie Credits will run later that evening (Tuesday June 1st) as Abi appears to be leaving to seek revenge on the hideous Corey.

Not only does she suspect that Corey was involved in the brutal death of her son Seb, but Corey adds an insult to the fatal injury.

Abi gets emotional at the sight of Seb’s hearse (Image: ITV)

Corrie Spoiler: What Has Corey Done Now?

Corey disgusts Nina when he shows up when Seb’s hearse drives onto the street.

He insists that he would like to pay his respects … but his actions suggest everything else.

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Abi later overhears Corey laughing at Seb’s death on his cell phone. And threateningly, she takes a broken bottle to confront him – and possibly seek her own justice.

The full spoilers for the Tuesday night episode of Coronation Street can be read by clicking the link.

Is Abi Killing Corey?

After the Thursday and Friday episodes, Abi does not appear to be killing Corey.

However, she and Asha pursue their revenge after Abi was prevented from attacking Corey with the bottle.

And it also seems like a stressful high school graduation may be about to relapse into some bad habits …

Abi spies on a gun (Image credit: ITV)

What happened next on Thursday?

Asha intercepts Abi when she sees the broken mother swinging a bottle.

She asks Abi to drop it – and her plans – after highlighting that Seb doesn’t want her to go back to jail.

Unfortunately, Abi later buys drugs from a dealer. But in the end, Asha slips them into Corey’s drink after telling him that she thinks he is innocent.

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Nina can’t believe what she hears when Abi reveals that Asha intends to search Corey’s phone after drugging him.

But how will he react when he begins to stir himself out of his drug-induced sleep and sees Asha looking through his cell phone?

It seems Abi is NOT going to kill Corey … this week (Credit: ITV)

And how is it going on Friday?

Groggy but unable to say things are not right, Corey tries to get past Abi and Nina when they arrive at his apartment.

However, Corey loses his balance and falls down the stairs.

But do Asha, Abi and Nina call for an ambulance to help or to leave?

– Coronation Street will air on ITV tonight – Tuesday June 1st – Thursday June 3rd and Friday June 4th on ITV, all at 9 p.m.


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