Is Al leaving Emmerdale? Cain tells him to leave the village

Al was caught cheating in Emmerdale. But is he leaving the village forever?

For the past few months, Al has cheated on fiancé Priya with Debbie Dingle.

When Debbie returned to the village, it wasn’t long before she found out about Al’s betrayal. Soon she and Priya began planning to ruin him.

Al was caught (Image credit: ITV)

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Both women who fired him stole money from the HOP business account, making it appear as if Al had committed the crime.

After Priya “discovered” the transactions, she told Kim. Kim later fired Al from his job at HOP.

Meanwhile, his son Ellis was furious when he learned that his father had cheated on Priya. But Ellis wasn’t the only one …

Cain threatened Al (Credit: ITV)

When Cain found out that Al had cheated on his daughter Debbie, he told him to leave the village or he would kill him.

In the aftermath of tonight (Wednesday January 27), Al decided to leave Emmerdale and told his son Ellis it was for work.

But will Al be back? Is his outcome permanent?

Is Al leaving Emmerdale? What happens next?

Al will return to the village next week. He asks Priya for the missing money. Is she starting to approach him?

Could Priya change her mind when she realizes that he’s only interested in money and not in her?

Al will be back next week (Credit: ITV)

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But soon Priya has other worries with Rishi when he and Manpreet run into problems. He’s too angry to even look at his wife.

Jai tries to comfort him, but Rishi firmly believes that there is no turning back for him and Manpreet and that their marriage is over.

Will Priya ever be able to forgive Al? Or is there more to come?

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