Is Gail Porter the narrator and when is she back?

Inside The Zoo, as told by Gail Porter, is back with a welcome repetition.

But which zoo is featured? And when is it the next time? Here you will find answers to these and other questions …

Where is Inside the Zoo located?

Inside The Zoo is produced by BBC Scotland and is based in two locations.

The first is the Edinburgh Zoo and the second is the Highland Wildlife Park.

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These are both owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and registered charities.

A tiger at Inside The Zoo (Image Credit: BBC)

Edinburgh Zoo is located in the Corstorphine area of ​​Edinburgh and is around 15 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh Castle.

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The Highland Wildlife Park is a safari park in Kingussie, Highland, Scotland.

In fact, it’s more than a two-hour drive from Edinburgh.

Can i visit

Under normal circumstances, both sites would be open to the public all year round.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, they are currently closed to the general public.

What is the zoo about?

Inside The Zoo explores what’s going on at both locations of the zoo.

And how their 200 employees help care for the thousands of animals.

Harry Bell, who helps produce the series, said, “What the army of zookeepers, vets and experts are doing behind the scenes at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park is as fascinating, fun and exotic as the animals they care for.

bad penguin in the zoo
The series treats a bad penguin (Credit: BBC)

“Your spirit of continuing the zoo is shining through. This passion coupled with the world-famous protection of rare and endangered species will appeal to audiences everywhere.

“We are very pleased to have exclusive access to such an important center for zoological excellence.”

Who tells in the zoo?

Inside The Zoo is narrated by Gail Porter.

Gail, 49, is from Edinburgh.

She rose to fame as a child presenter before switching to a successful mainstream television presenter and model in the 1990s.

Gail told The Evening Edinburgh News that she found it very therapeutic to tell the show.

Gail Porter
Gail recounts the series (Credit: BBC)

And that she recommends it as a must-have as a stress reliever during lockdown.

The star said, “Animals are so good for everyone’s sanity and it was great to do a show like this during lockdown because it was just so nice to connect with nature and see animals with Live and carry on life.

“It definitely lifted my spirits.

“That’s the thing about animals, they just wake you up, they make you smile, and they keep you busy with life beyond your own problems.”

When is it next on TV?

Inside The Zoo is on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on BBC Two.

Episodes can also be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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