Is George Clarke Married? Does the host of Amazing Spaces have children?

Is George Clarke Married? And does he have children? The presenter is known to Channel 4 viewers as the presenter of Amazing Spaces.

He has hosted the show since its launch in 2012.

But how much do you know about George? Read on to learn more about the Channel 4 Star.

George Clarke is the host of Amazing Spaces (Image Credit: Grant Buchanan / Flynet – SplashNews /

Is George Clarke Married?

Yes, George Clarke has a wife. Her name is Katie and she works as a communications consultant.

They tied the knot in 2018 at a ceremony in Ibiza that was attended by friends and family.

Katie told her social media followers about her special day and wrote next to a photo of herself and George: “Thank you to our great family and friends for making our day special. To love, happiness and good people. Memories. “

George Clarke and his son Georgie (Photo Credit: Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews /

Does the host of Amazing Spaces have children?

Yes, George has three children from his marriage to his ex-wife Catriona.

Their names are Georgie, Emilio and Iona.

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George and Catriona split in 2013.

The moderator said in a statement at the time that he and Catriona had been together for “a long time” and went through an “amicable separation”.

I just loved being around websites and building things.

It read: “We have been married for a long time. We have separate custody of the children and experience an amicable separation and divorce. “

The host on his show Ugly House to Lovely House (Image credit: Channel 4)

What else has George Clarke done outside of Amazing Spaces?

George is a lecturer, writer, architect, and government housing consultant.

He decided to study architecture around the age of 12. His father died when he was young. And George would visit his grandfather as a builder because he “loved to be on construction sites”.

He told that Evening standard: “I just loved being in places and building things, the jokes and the atmosphere. One of my most vivid early memories was when my grandpa took me to Portakabin on a construction site where 40 or 50 guys had french fries and smoked cigarettes.

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“Probably the most unhealthy place on earth, but I loved it.”

When he finished school, he worked for a local practice and while studying at Newcastle University and later at UCL he helped himself by renovating houses.

Since then, George has been on a number of shows.

His television career includes Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke, Build a New Life in the Country, and The Home Show.

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