Is it any good? And who is in it? How many eps?

Firefly Lane is a brand new drama series available on Netflix.

Already a rating hit, there are even rumors of a second series.

But who is in it? And what is it about? Find out the answers and what the reviewers are saying below …

What is Firefly Lane all about?

Firefly Lane is an exploration of the ups and downs of intense girlfriends.

The Netflix series focuses on best friends Tully and Kate.

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Like so many best friend stories, their friendship is a bit unlikely.

Tully and Kate are lifelong friends in this drama series (Credit: Netflix)

Tully is loudly extroverted, while Kate is much more reserved and attentive.

But somehow they remain such close friends from childhood through adulthood.

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Until a shock tragedy threatens both worlds.

Can their friendship survive a twisted turn of events?

How many episodes are there?

There are ten episodes of Firefly Lane in series one.

Is it based on a book?

Yes! Firefly Lane is based on the bestseller of the same name by Kristin Hannah.

There is also a follow-up book, Fly Away.

Firefly Lane Reviews 2021
Secrets are revealed in this emotional roller coaster ride of a show (Credit: Netflix)

Who is playing on Firefly Lane?

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in Firefly Lane.

Katherine plays Tully Hart, a successful journalist and talk show host who is now a national celebrity.

While Sarah plays Kate, a home mom who is jealous of the overwhelming success of her longtime best friend.

What have I seen Katherine Heigl before?

Katherine was once a great American film star. You’ve probably seen her in Knocked Up, New Year’s Eve, or The Ugly Truth.

You can also contact her as Dr. Remembering Izzie Stevens about Grey’s Anatomy.

new Netflix drama series
Despite mixed reviews, it looks very good indeed (Credit: Netflix)

What have I seen Sarah Chalke in?

Sarah is perhaps best known for her role in Scrubs. In this popular medical comedy, Sarah played Dr. Elliot Reid.

You can also recognize her as Stella Zinman in How I Met Your Mother.

What do the reviewers say?

So far, Firefly Lane has had somewhat mixed reviews.

The guard gave it only two stars out of five and declared it “overwhelming”.

While on The reviewer admits the show is a little silly – but it’s very valuable.

Here she writes: “Watch one episode, roll your eyes, grimace, and be content with another; show up 10 hours later, blink and stunned in the light of a new day. “

Rotten Tomatoes now has 74% approval.

What happened to Katherine Heigl’s career?

Katherine Heigl was once one of the most sought-after film actresses in the world.

But after being rated “difficult” by some in the industry, her acting work seemed to be slowly drying up.

She also withdrew her name from Emmy’s in 2008 for her role in Grey’s Anatomy.

Despite being billed as a major career comeback for the star, Firefly Lane believes she has been treated unfairly in the past.

katherine heigl 2021
Katherine is now ready to move on (Credit: SplashNews)

And refuses to apologize for past missteps.

To speak to Washington PostShe said, “I may have said a few things that you didn’t like, but then that escalated to” she’s ungrateful, “then” she’s difficult, “and that to” she’s unprofessional “.”

Then he added, “What is your definition of difficult? Someone with an opinion you don’t like? Now I’m 42 and that makes me angry. “

How to see Firefly Lane

All episodes of Firefly Lane are now available to stream on Netflix.

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