Is Jenny dead after falling into the Platts sinkhole?

Coronation Street character Jenny was swallowed by the Platts sinkhole on Wednesday, October 20, but is she dead?

In the scenes tonight, Ryan told Leo the generator was gone and showed him the hole in the ground where it used to be.

In the meantime, Jenny recently learned that Johnny wants to move to Bali. She went to him in the beer tent and held onto her ex-husband, who she hoped wouldn’t go because of her.

Leo looked at the sinkhole in the Platts garden and warned them that the area would have to be evacuated.

Jenny told Johnny that she didn’t want him to leave because of her (Image Credit: ITV)

David went to help Ryan tell everyone to leave the area, but when Jenny discovered that her new boyfriend Leo was inspecting the sinkhole, she wanted to check on him.

She went into the Platt’s garden, but Shona came out and warned Jenny to move away from the sinkhole.

A few seconds later the ground gave under Jenny and she fell into the sinkhole.

When Johnny discovered that his ex-wife had fallen in, he decided to go downstairs and get her, but is Jenny dead?

Coronation Street: Is Jenny Dead?

No, Jenny is not dead, but she is still in danger. On Friday (October 22nd), Johnny climbs into the sewer and hears Jenny’s cries for help.

He fights his way through the water towards them. As the water continues to rise, Johnny assures Jenny that it is only a matter of time before someone rescues her.

Johnny goes after Jenny (Credit: ITV)

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As the water continues to rise, Johnny and Jenny scream for help as they cling to the ladder.

On the street, David and Shona help Leo open the manhole cover in front of the factory.

To David’s horror, Shona takes matters into her own hands, grabs a rope and disappears into the manhole to find Jenny and Johnny.

Will any of them come out alive?

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