Is johnny going? Did Richard Hawley leave the soap?

Coronation Street’s character, Johnny, was sentenced to eight months in prison subsequent tonight (Friday January 8th). But is Johnny going?

Last year it was revealed that Johnny had participated in a robbery over 30 years ago in which a man named Grant was seriously injured.

After meeting Johnny Scott, with whom he had committed crimes, he didn’t want his family to know about his past.

Scott and Johnny were involved in a robbery together 30 years ago (Credit: ITV)

But when Scott robbed the bistro, the truth came out about Johnny. Johnny finally confessed what he’d done. However, Grant’s mother made him the police.

Although Jenny was desperate to get the hearing going because Johnny is struggling with his MS, he continued the hearing.

Johnny appeared in court (Credit: ITV)

There he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

But is Johnny leaving the show?

Coronation Street: is Johnny leaving Coronation Street?

Although Johnny goes to jail, this is not the last viewer to see him.

Jenny visits Johnny in prison. But what will he be like? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Next week Jenny visits her husband Johnny in prison. Jenny learns that Johnny has fallen. She begins to question him.

But will he tell her the truth?

What will be happy with Johnny and Jenny?

It looks like there’s a lot more to come for Johnny and Jenny this year.

Corrie chief Iain MacLeod announced that they will learn more about Johnny’s MS when he goes to jail.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, he said, “We also wanted to do justice to the MS side of Johnny’s character and experience.

Iain MacLeod announced they would investigate the MS side of Johnny’s treatment (Credit: ITV)

“Maybe that was sometimes visible on the show and sometimes it wasn’t.

“We felt we should tell this story in a similar way to other longstanding medical stories like Sinead’s cancer, and really examine what life would be like for Johnny with the disease.

“So we’re going to investigate this by putting a little more spotlight on how it actually is and treating it more like a themed story.”

Johnny will be in prison for eight months (Credit: ITV)

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He added, “Once we knew we were going to send the character to jail, Richard Hawley was keen to speak to me about how we should investigate what it is like for a man with this condition to be behind bars.

“It is an added level of difficulty when you have such a disease. We will investigate 100% the truth about it. “

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