Is Lucas leaving EastEnders? Will he die after being beaten up?

Lucas returned to EastEnders on Christmas Day last year, but is he leaving EastEnders and dying after being beaten up?

On last night’s double soap bill (Tuesday March 16), it looked like Lucas was going to double cross his daughter Chelsea after swapping her bags at airport security.

Chelsea was pulled aside by a security guard and she panicked when he opened her suitcase. However, no drugs were found.

Lucas was arrested at the airport (Image credit: BBC)

Moments later, Lucas put his suitcase on the floor and revealed to airport staff the drugs he had in his possession.

Is Lucas leaving EastEnders?

Lucas was arrested and Chelsea panicked that sinister Caleb was coming in search of revenge.

However, to prevent this from happening, Lucas contacted Jack. He told him to speak to Pastor Lawrence, who later provided enough evidence to send Caleb downstairs.

But later, when the Walford police went to round up Caleb’s men, he was nowhere to be seen.

Lucas helped Jack get Caleb (Credit: BBC)

After receiving a message from Caleb, Chelsea went to meet him and angrily punched her in the stomach. But just moments later, the police and Jack showed up and he was arrested.

Jack went to Lucas and insisted that he be taken to a safer unit to be safe. But Lucas stayed where he said God was on his side.

Later in prison, however, Lucas was brutally attacked by two men who worked for Caleb. Is Lucas dead and is the last we saw of him?

Will Lucas die?

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It was not disclosed whether or not Lucas will survive his attack. However, if he survives his attack, it will look like he’s back behind bars.

What’s next for Chelsea?

Actress Zaraah Abrahams spoke about her future for Chelsea Digital spy: “I want to say that she has learned from her mistakes, but I think that she is always drawn to a ‘quick fix’ and quick fixes usually mean trouble.

“I can’t see that she has learned from all that anger and pain and unfortunately turns a new page.

“It’s not that unfortunate for me that I enjoy playing them, but I don’t think we can say Chelsea is a changed person.”

What’s next for Chelsea and Lucas? (Image credit: BBC)

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She added, “I would like to stay. The writers have been so generous and Chelsea is a great character and she has so many different levels. I would like to stay on the pitch.

“It is a great pleasure to be part of the Fox family and there is still so much we can do. As long as they have me, I’m happy to be there. “

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