Is Miranda Hart married and how tall is she?

Miranda Hart is a firm favorite with TV fans across the country – but is the actress married and how tall is she?

Whether she’s best known for her self-titled sitcom Miranda or BBC’s Call The Midwife, the actress has been on screens for over 15 years.

Here is everything you need to know about the popular comedy star.

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Who is Miranda Hart?

British actress Amanda was born in Torquay, Devon.

She grew up in an upper-class family and was descended from barons, marquesses, counts and dukes.

In fact, the comedy star even has ties to Princess Diana.

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Amanda, 48, is actually Diana’s fourth cousin, who has been removed twice.

In her younger years, Miranda attended Downe House, an independent boarding school for girls.

After graduating from the University of the West of England, she later completed a postgraduate course in acting.

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What else is Miranda Hart known for?

After college, Miranda began performing stand-up comedy.

Her first big show was in Edinburgh in 2004 before she landed her sitcom Miranda.

The semi-autobiographical show was first broadcast in 2009 – and has been a hit ever since!

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In addition to Miranda, the star is also known for her popular role as Chummy in Call The Midwife.

She left the show during its fourth series due to work commitments.

The TV favorite can also be seen in Paul Feig’s film Spy and Have I Got News for You.

Miranda starred as Chummy in Call The Midwife (Image Credit: BBC)

Is Miranda Hart Married?

No, Miranda appears to be single and has no children yet.

She often remains tense about her personal life.

However, the actress had a special relationship with her beloved bitch, Peggy.

In 2016 she wrote a heartwarming book about the adorable Shih Tzu / Bichon Frize cross.

When you grow up you feel like a fish out of water

In the book, Miranda revealed how Peggy saved her after a tough breakup.

She shared, “I had a little being who adored me, in fact, who I believe just loved me – no one else’s consent was necessary.”

Unfortunately, Peggy passed away in January of this year.

Miranda shared the news on Instagram, describing the “excruciating sadness” she felt after saying goodbye to her “skirt”.

Miranda had a special relationship with her dog Peggy (Photo Credit:

How tall is Miranda Hart?

The TV star is just over 6 feet tall.

Miranda has always been open to her struggles with her size, which she has since learned to embrace.

Speak with The mirrorshe said, “When you grow up you feel like a fish out of the water and you feel different and you don’t fit in. So now I’m trying to put my shoulders back and be a little more confident. I can reach a tall shelf and that’s a plus. And I can see in a crowd. “

What will Miranda appear next?

While she may not be onscreen, Miranda acts as one of the executive producers on the US comedy Call Me Kat.

The show is a new American sitcom series starring Mayim Bialik.

Additionally, it’s loosely based on and inspired by the British sitcom Miranda.

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