Is Nisha Katona related to Kerry Katona? What is she famous for?

Nisha Katona is best known for her work as a TV chef, but is she related to Kerry Katona?

The cook was in the episode of This Morning on Wednesday (January 13th), where she conjured up a delicious-looking coconut and pineapple chicken curry.

Read on to learn more about the entrepreneur and presenter.

Nisha Katona made a curry this morning (Image credit: ITV)

Is Nisha Katona related to Kerry Katona?

Although both share the unusual last name, Nisha is not related to the former atomic kitten.

However, they are both from the north west of England.

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Nisha is from Ormskirk, a town in Lancashire, while Kerry is from Warrington, Cheshire.

During that morning Nisha was filming from her home on the Wirral near Liverpool.

It takes its name from husband Zoltan, a Hungarian guitarist. They share two teenage daughters, Tia and India.

kerry katona on the red carpet
Kerry and Nisha are not related (Photo Credit: Grant Buchanan /

Who is Nisha Katona and what is she famous for?

Nisha is the founder of the Mowgli Street Food Restaurants.

She is also a food writer and has published several books including The Spice Tree: Indian Cuisine That Was Made Easy.

Nisha has also appeared on a number of TV shows. Her television resume includes Sunday brunch, Saturday morning appearances with James Martin, The One Show and The Secret Chef.

She has also appeared on ITV’s Lorraine.

Nisha was featured in a cooking segment that morning (Credit: ITV)

What did Nisha Katona do that morning?

Nisha made a delicious curry with hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield at Studio This Morning.

She previously posted on Instagram about the recipe.

Omg Nisha! I’ll do this for tea on Friday! Looks delicious.

Nisha shared with her followers, “How to cook a 20-minute coconut and pineapple chicken curry on @itv @thismorning at 12 noon – see you then!”

In the comments, her followers said how beautiful it sounded and told her they couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

One said, “Fantastic … will try.”

She made a delicious looking curry (Credit: ITV)

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Another replied, “Omg Nisha! I’ll do this for tea on Friday! Looks delicious.”

A third said: “Amazing! I can’t wait to try it! “

Someone else said, “That looked great! I can’t wait to try. “

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