Is patrick dead? Will he survive after the collapse?

EastEnders fans fear Patrick may be dead after collapsing in the episode last night (Thursday January 7th).

Recently, Patrick asked Phil Mitchell for help protecting Denise from her ex-husband, Lucas, who had just returned to Walford.

Phil promised to do what he asked on the condition that he could see his and Denise’s son Raymond.

Patrick brought Raymond to see Phil (Image Credit: BBC)

Patrick agreed, but tried to keep the secret from Denise.

While visiting Albert Square last night, Denise told Patrick that Kim saw Kim take Raymond to see Phil.

Denise was mad at Patrick and decided to stay with Jack.

EastEnders: Patrick Collapses – Will He Die?

Meanwhile, Patrick got a shock when Lucas showed up. Patrick warned him that he would break the terms of his parole by being there.

The killer was sure that Denise was responsible for the attack. But Patrick told him he was a bad man.

Patrick collapsed (Image credit: BBC)

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Patrick started trying Lucas and screaming. Patrick soon froze, however, and fell back on the chair, unable to speak.

Lucas saw something was going on and took out his phone to call ambulance.

However, he paused. Will he let Patrick die? Fans fear this could be the end for Patrick.

EastEnders: Lucas and his past

Denise attended church on Christmas Day last year with her son Raymond. But she was scared when Lucas showed up as a guest speaker.

Lucas kidnapped Denise and faked her suicide (Credit: BBC)

She ran out of the church. But she was shocked when she realized that Lucas wasn’t alone – he had been in contact with his and Denise’s daughter Chelsea.

During his time on the show between 2008 and 2010, Lucas left his ex-wife Trina to die after poking her into a rake.

Lucas and Chelsea are back in Walford (Image credit: BBC)

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He made her death look like an accident. He later killed Denise’s ex-husband Owen in an episode that ended with Lucas and Denise marrying.

When Denise found out about Lucas’ crimes, he faked her suicide and put the murders on her.

However, it was later revealed that Denise was alive and that Lucas was holding her hostage. But eventually the truth about his crimes was revealed and he went to jail.

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