Is Pembrokeshire Murders writer Steve Wilkins still a cop?

Detective Steve Wilkins is the central character of ITV’s newest true crime drama, The Pembrokeshire Murders, but is he still with the police?

Hollywood star Luke Evans plays DS Wilkins in the three-part series starring Keith Allen as the killer John Cooper.

Hollywood star Luke Evans plays DS Steve Wilkins (Image credit: ITV)

Is Steve Wilkins still a cop?

No, Steve withdrew after Operation Ottowa.

He went on to write a critically acclaimed book on the case called The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Bullseye Killer.

The series takes its title from and is inspired by Steve’s book, which he published in 2013.

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Interestingly, Steve co-wrote it with ITV news reporter Jonathan Hill, who is also in the drama, when he covered the murders on television.

Actor David Fynn plays Jonathan on the series.

David Fynn plays ITV journalist Jonathan Hill (Image credit: ITV)

Where is Steve Wilkins now and what did he say about the show?

The BBC reported that Steve now lives in Cheshire. He praised the cast of The Pembrokeshie Murders for their portrayal of events in his book.

He said: “I cannot speak too highly of their understanding, sensitivity, professionalism and commitment to correctness.

Luke wanted to know the details of the investigation, how I would do and say things.

“They quickly understood that they were real people, many of whom still bear the scars.”

Steve Wilkins is now retired and lives in Cheshire (Image Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

What does ex-cop Steve Wilkins think of Luke Evans?

Luke, said Steve, was a “lovely guy” and a real “professional”.

He went on to speak to Beeb, “Luke wanted to know the details of the investigation, how I would do and say things, and why certain decisions were made. He wanted to know about the victims and their families as he really cares. “

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And in a chat with Wales OnlineSteve said he was surprised the bosses had cast Luke to play him on screen – and revealed that comedian Johnny Vegas would have been better suited.

He told the publication, “When they came and said Luke Evans would be there,” I was really surprised that someone like him would want to do it. When I met him, I realized why.

“A lot of people joked and said people like Johnny Vegas should play me.”

Keith Allen portrays killer John Cooper in the three-part drama (Credit: ITV)

What are the murders in Pembrokeshire about?

ITV’s drama describes the investigation into John Cooper and his links to two double homicides in the 1980s.

The police failed to prosecute anyone through the initial investigation, but Steve Wilkins looked into the case in 2006.

Forensic science had evolved over the past few years, and Steve was hoping to find DNA on evidence from the crimes that would link them to Cooper.

The Pembrokeshire murders are about their efforts to bring him to justice.

– The drama ends tonight (Wednesday January 13th) at 9 p.m. on ITV

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