Is Rebecca Adlington still living with her ex-husband AND her new husband?

Rebecca Adlington is back on A Question of Sports on BBC One.

Thanks to her two-time gold medalist at the Olympic Games, she is a regular sports panelist and expert.

But she’s in the press often as much for her personal life as for her impressive professional.

Is she still married How many children does she have? And what did Frankie Boyle say about her?

Here you will find answers to these and other questions.

Who is Rebecca Adlington married to?

Rebecca married former professional swimmer Harry Needs in 2014. In June 2015 they welcomed a daughter, Summer.

But the couple announced their split in 2016 after just 18 months of marriage.

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At the time, Rebecca blamed her age difference (he is three years younger than her) and that he “idolized” her for her high status in the professional swimming world.

Rebecca with her ex-husband Harry Needs (Image credit: SplashNews)

Despite their short-lived marriages, both have expressed their commitment to successfully raising their daughter together.

Additionally, Harry announced on his official Instagram account in June 2020 that he is bisexual.

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In his Instagram stories, he wrote, “This is a question that I have avoided every day of my life so far, mainly because I don’t like labels even though I don’t know a solution to avoid them.

“But if I had to answer I would #ahh people I’ve always been bisexual.”

Who is Rebecca with now?

Rebecca is now dating Andrew Parsons. Not much is known about the handsome guy other than that he works as a facility manager.

Meanwhile, Rebecca confirmed that they met through the dating app Bumble.

Rebecca Adlington with her boyfriend
Rebecca with her boyfriend Andrew Parsons

Speak with Hello!Rebecca said, “I’ve only been using the app for a month and Andy was the first person I went on a date. I feel like I hit the jackpot.”

They have been together for two years – and are expecting their first child together.

Who is Rebecca Lockdown with?

It was initially believed that Rebecca was on lockdown with both her current partner and her ex – and his new male friend.

This report was circulated after a group photo was shared by everyone on social media.

However, Rebecca’s representative denied that they were all living together during the lockdown.

Her spokesman said, “Harry doesn’t live with Rebecca, they are just co-parents of Summer and spend time in each of their homes.”

What did Frankie Boyle say about Rebecca Adlington?

Comedian Frankie Boyle reportedly made derogatory comments on Rebecca Adlington’s past performance.

Commenting on Mock of the Week 2008, Frankie said, “What nobody really said about Rebecca Adlington is that she looks pretty weird. She looks like someone looking at the back of a spoon. “

Olympic swimmer
Rebecca was cruelly mocked by Frankie Boyle (Credit: SplashNews)

Then he assumed that Rebecca must be “very dirty” because her boyfriend at the time was so good-looking.

The BBC received over 75 complaints about the cruel jokes and the BBC Trust reprimanded him for his “humiliating” statements.

However, Frankie hit back and said, “It was all [bleep]Especially when you consider that we are waging two wars, there are [bleeping] Swine flu and the economy is going down the toilet.

“People expect you to talk about it and what is the production team sending us? A picture by Rebecca Adlington.

“I mean, what are you going to write about other than the fact that she looks like a beagle in the photo?”

What did Olympian wear to meet the Queen?

Rebecca caused a stir when she received her OBE from The Queen in 2009. She wore a skimpy, bandage style dress, which was very trendy at the time – but also very revealing. This was combined with a pair of towering white stilettos.

Did Rebecca Adlington have a nose job?

Rebecca Adlington is said to have had an operation in 2014 to shrink her nose and remove a bump.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Rebecca said, “I’m definitely happier with how I look now. But I wouldn’t necessarily say happy. I think you still see the same thing when you look in the mirror. “

Olympic swimmer
Rebecca is now expecting her second child (Credit: SplashNews)

When was Rebecca on I’m a Celebrity?

Rebecca Adlington was on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! 2013 and took sixth place.

On the show, she burst into tears while speaking with competitor Amy Willerton.

She said that she felt unsafe when she was around the model.

She said, “And it also makes me very, very insecure that I have to look a certain way. To me, I was an athlete, I didn’t try to be a model, but pretty much every week on Twitter I get someone to comment on my looks. “

A question of sport is on Friday at 8:05 p.m. on BBC One. Other guests include Charlie Adam, John Barclay and Mark-Lewis Francis.

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