Is Ruth Madeley of Celebrity Best Home Cook related to Richard?

Actress Ruth Madeley was a hit with Celebrity Best Home Cook viewers, but is she related to Richard Madeley?

Ruth, 33, cooked breakfast tonight (Tuesday, February 2nd) with her opponents of the celebrities.

But who is Ruth and is she related to a certain ex-host on This Morning?

Ruth is an award-winning actress and community champion (Credit: BBC)

Who is Ruth Madeley and why is she in a wheelchair?

Ruth was born near Bolton and was diagnosed with spina bifida six weeks before she was born.

When Ruth was only five years old, the Whiz-Kidz charity gave her a wheelchair.

When Ruth was a teenager, she also won awards for community service and valor, including the Princess Diana Memorial Award.

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Regarding her acting career, Ruth wrote and starred in the TV movie Scrims.

She also landed roles in Fresh Meat and The Level.

But it was her role in Russell T Davis’ BBC one-drama Years and Years that made her a household name.

Is Richard related to Ruth Madeley?
Richard and wife Judy (Photo Credit:

Is she related to Richard?

Although Ruth shares a surname with the ex-host of This Morning, she is not related to Richard.

Is ruth married?

Ruth is not married, but has been with her partner Joe since 2012.

And it’s a case of childhood loved ones because the two have known each other since childhood.

Ruth Madeley in years and years
Ruth played Rosie over the years and years (Credit: BBC)

Years and years coming back for a second series?

Russell T Davis’ brilliant BBC One drama told the story of the Lyons family in Manchester who lived through 15 years of drama.

It featured Russell Tovey, Anne Reid, Jessica Hynes and Rory Kinnear, among others.

Even in production, it was never discussed in relation to a second series.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Russell was emphatic in his response: absolutely not.

“It was always a one-off,” he said. “A second series was never discussed in production.”

Ruth Madeley
Ruth has a busy schedule ahead (Credit: BBC)

Where can you see Ruth next?

Ruth will appear in BBC fantasy drama The Watch.

Ruth will play Throat based on Sir Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld novels.

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Fans can also see Ruth in “Disaster Drama” The Light.

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