Is the actor Adam Hussain who plays Josh on Coronation Street?

The second season of Bay is currently airing on ITV. But is actor Adam Hussain, who plays Josh, also on Coronation Street?

In the second season of the ITV drama, viewers were introduced to the new character Josh, Rob’s best friend.

However, in this series, Rob got closer to his classmate Claire, and the two recently became a couple.

On the final episode of The Bay (Wednesday February 17), Josh and Rob dated, but Josh was upset when he saw Claire come and go.

Josh is played by Adam (Credit: ITV)

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Later Rob approached his boyfriend and told him that he hadn’t changed anything with a girlfriend and that if he found someone he liked he would understand.

But Josh admitted to Rob that he liked him.

Who plays Josh in The Bay and is he on Coronation Street too?

Adam Hussain Bay: Is He On Coronation Street?

Josh is played by actor Adam Hussain and yes, he’s on Coronation Street too.

Adam plays Aadi Alahan, the son of Dev Alahan, in ITV soap.

Adam plays Aadi on Coronation Street (Image credit: ITV)

Cast in Corrie last year, he took on the role of Aadi from former actress Zennon Ditchett, who played the character from 2009 to 2019.

What else was Adam in?

In addition to The Bay and Coronation Street, Adam played young Nasser in the TV series No Man’s Land last year.

He also played Rafiq in the TV series Absentia last year and Mohammed in the TV series Secret Life of Boys in 2019.

What other soap stars are there in The Bay?

Adam isn’t the only soap star to appear in The Bay.

Amy James-Kelly, who plays Grace Marshbrook, played Maddie Heath in Corrie from 2013-2015.

Julia Haworth plays Becky Thrower in The Bay, Cassie’s foster mother. She is also known for playing Claire Peacock on Coronation Street.

Julia Haworth in the bay
Julia left Coronation Street 10 years ago (Image credit: ITV)

In December 2010, Claire’s husband Ashley was killed on the 50th episode of the soap in the dramatic story of the tram accident.

A grieving Claire left the cobblestone streets with sons Josh and Freddie in January 2011 to escape the law.

She had been charged with assault after accidentally poking Tracy Barlow, causing her a significant injury.

Thomas, who played Peter Beale in EastEnders, is in The Bay (Image Credit: ITV)

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Also in The Bay is Thomas Law, who plays DC Eddie Martin. Thomas played Peter Beale in EastEnders from 2006 to 2010.

The bay will continue next Wednesday (February 24th) at 9 p.m. on ITV.

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