Is the relationship between Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti real?

Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti were all excited about Made in Chelsea in this series.

But it seems like her love bubble is over as the German beauty, 34, and the English singer and DJ, 31, have split up.

A source told The Sun: “It was a shock to everyone because they seemed so in love, but it was such an intense meeting at CGD, then moving in together at MIC – it was a lot very soon.”

“After all, she lives in London, he’s in Leeds for his son, and while it lived together and worked on TV, it didn’t work out in real life.”

And … AND … they stopped following each other on Instagram.

Well, that’s sad. Let’s take a little look back at their romance. How did the exes actually get to know each other? And what did her friends think of their relationship?

How did Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti meet?

Sophie and Tom met at Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion at E4.

The series debuted earlier this year, and Sophie and Tom entered the mansion as singles.

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However, they should match up with strangers introduced to them by the dating experts.

At first, Tom flirted a lot with a few women. And Sophie was very happy when her personal trainer entered the house as a potential admirer.

Sophie and Tom at Celebs Go Dating (Image: E4)

But in the end they fell in love.

The pair were nicknamed The Duchess and Thomas O’Malley, the alley cat from The Aristocats, because of their unlikely pairing.

While they certainly make an incredibly good-looking couple, they couldn’t have come from worlds farther away.

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Sophie grew up in Germany and Switzerland and comes from a very wealthy background.

Tom is now a single father who grew up on a council estate in Leeds and made himself completely by himself.

Despite their different upbringing, they continued their relationship beyond the show.

And now Tom even shows up at Made in Chelsea.

sophie hermann
Sophie appears to be captivated by her new love, Tom (Image: E4)

What did you say about your relationship?

Both parties raved about how much they were in love with each other.

Sophie even defended Tom on a MIC episode recently.

She told Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth, “I met this man, his name is Tom Zanetti, I’m not sure you’ve heard of him. He’s a DJ. “

To which a rather snobbish Ollie replied: “Is that your bit rough?”

Sophie and Tom on E4
Sophie received a nice present from Tom at Made in Chelsea (Image: E4)

Sophie replied, “He’s such a lovely man and he makes me laugh.

“And I love that I only understand half of what he’s saying – it’s like Brad Pitt in Snatch.”

In the meantime Tom has told Fabulous Magazine that Sophie was his ultimate celebrity crush.

He said: “I saw the Duchess Sophie Hermann. So I’ll give it to her. “

When did Tom Zanetti come to Made in Chelsea?

Tom made his debut at Made in Chelsea on Monday April 12, 2021 as Sophie’s significant other.

He surprised her at her birthday party in the Cotswolds.

When Julius Cowdrey serenaded her, Tom stepped in – and pleased Sophie.

Then he gave her a beautiful portrait of the couple.

Tom Zanetti in 2019
Tom is a DJ and businessman (Image credit: SplashNews)

Was their relationship real?

As far as we can tell, their relationship was the real deal.

But Tom spoke openly about how he finds Made in Chelsea staged as a reality show.

In an interview with FUBAR-Radio he said: “In a way, yes, it is set up. You create a great backdrop and background and then you get a topic to discuss.

“That doesn’t discredit it at all. It was built, but then you have to film it so often from so many different angles. And then you get the wides and then the pretty ones and then this and that. “

When is Made in Chelsea next?

Made in Chelsea continues on E4 Mondays at 9 p.m.

Episodes can also be streamed through the All4 app.

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