Is Todd leaving Coronation Street after Billy refuses him?

Coronation Street character Todd discussed leaving Weatherfield for a new job in Bromsgrove on today’s episode (Monday March 29).

In today’s scenes, Todd confided to his mother, Eileen, that he was considering getting a job in Bromsgrove to distance himself from Billy.

Meanwhile, Billy interviewed Paul on his night. Eileen later told Billy that Todd was threatening to move because of him.

But Billy soon approached Todd and told him not to go because of him.

However, Billy was shocked when Todd admitted that he still loved him and said he would stay if they could be together.

Todd admitted to Billy that he still loves him (Credit: ITV)

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Summer was broken when he heard Todd could leave and asked Billy to decide who to be with.

Paul soon told Billy that he had met a man the other day and that it was time to move on. The pastor later went to Todd to tell him that he still has feelings for Paul and that it is probably best if he moves away.

Todd was disappointed by his ex-boyfriend’s words. But is he really going to leave Weatherfield?

Is Todd leaving Coronation Street?

Later that week, Eileen tries to persuade Todd to stay, but he admits that Billy is the love of his life and if he can’t be with him he has to leave.

Sarah is furious when Todd delivers his message and abandons her.

Paul and Billy recently split up (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Paul admits to Daniel that he has no new boyfriend. He tells him it was all an act in Billy’s favor. Daniel asks him to tell Billy how he really feels.

When Todd goes to the tram stop, Paul discovers Billy. Soon Paul admits to Billy that there is no new boyfriend and he still loves him and wants to try again.

What will billy do?

It looks like Todd is going to decide to stay on the road and he’ll soon be calling number 11 where Eileen is happy to have him at home. Todd admits to his mother that Sarah refused to give him back his job at the factory.

Todd gets a new job on the street (Credit: ITV)

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Todd was alerted to this by Eileen and called the Undertakers, hoping for a job.

While George answers a call, Todd takes the opportunity to transfer his sales techniques to an unsuspecting customer and sells her the most expensive funeral plan.

George soon tells Todd that he has the job.

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