Is Viewpoint on ITV based on Alfred Hitchcock’s rear window?

Viewpoint on ITV is set to be the station’s next big crime drama.

And the upcoming five-part series has been compared to the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window.

But what does that mean? Who was Alfred Hitchcock and what was Rear Window about?

Here is everything you need to know …

Noel Clarke stars in the suspenseful thriller Viewpoint (Image credit: ITV1)

What is Viewpoint on ITV about?

With Noel Clarke, Viewpoint tells the story of a surveillance detective who sets up his observation post in the home of single mother and secret voyeur Zoe Sterling.

Zoe’s windows look out over Westbury Square, and most importantly, a direct view of the house of missing elementary school teacher Gemma Hillman.

The detective – DS Martin King – sets up a surveillance post at Zoe’s house to find out what happened.

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Polly Hill, Head of Drama at ITV, said of the series, “It’s difficult to find a crime series that feels new and fresh. That’s why I’m happy to commission Viewpoint.

“Martin, the police officer who watches a community to find out why a local teacher went missing, is in Zoe’s apartment and is secretly watching her neighbors because she is lonely.

“The lines between the two of them and who can and can’t spy on us are beautifully blurred.

“The result is a crime series with a hint of the rear window.”

James Stewart in the rear window
James Stewart in the rear window (Image credit: YouTube)

ITV position: when was the rear window released and what was it about?

In 1954, suspense director Alfred Hitchcock released his new film Rear Window.

It starred Oscar winner James Stewart as LB Jeffries, a star photographer in a wheelchair because of a broken leg.

Bored of his immobility, he spends his days looking out the window across the courtyard at his neighbors.

A variety of characters lived their lives before him.

There his glamorous girlfriend Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) and the physiotherapist Stella (Thelma Ritter) help him to relax and gossip about the neighbors.

When one of his neighbors – a disabled woman – goes missing, LB turns his lens on her husband, Lars Thorwald, who is suspicious.

Will LB, Lisa and Stella solve the mystery of the woman’s disappearance?

James Stewart in the rear window
Rear window is a masterpiece (Photo credit: YouTube)

What did you say about the rear window?

The revered film critic Roger Ebert said: “This level of danger and tension has so far exceeded the cheap thrill of modern slasher films …

“… That the rear window, which was intended for entertainment in 1954, is now revealed as art.

“Rear Window lovingly invests in tension throughout the entire film and keeps it in our memory …

“… so that when the final payout comes in, the whole movie will be the thriller equivalent of foreplay.”

A New York Times reviewer said at the time of publication, “One of the better Alfred Hitchcock thrillers.

“[It] combines technical and artistic skills in a way that makes this an unusually good piece of crime thriller entertainment. “

Alfred Hitchcock rear window
Hitch was Master Director (Photo credit: YouTube)

What made Alfred Hitchcock famous?

Alfred Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone, London in 1899.

Despite his humble beginnings, the young Alfred showed an interest in filmmaking.

He had already made 10 films by 1929, but he really made a name for himself by the 1930s.

The Man Who Knew Too Much, The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes and Rebecca became classics of the time.

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In 1938 he moved to America and continued his success.

Working with some of the day’s biggest stars – including Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman – he produced a long list of classic thrillers.

Vertigo, North By Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds are some of his most famous films.

Hitch was knighted in 1980 but died that same year at the age of 80.

When is Viewpoint switched on?

ITV confirmed that Viewpoint will air on the channel for five consecutive nights.

It starts on Monday April 26th.

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