It is good? Who is playing? What are they worth?

Bling Empire landed on Netflix and already has a great rating from us on ED! Receive.

The new reality series puts Selling Sunset and Real Housewives to shame on the wealth scale.

And there are enough eccentric characters, breathtaking scenes, and delicate moments to ensure many more seasons for sure.

But what is Bling Empire about? And what are the reviews saying about the show?

Read on to find out …

Anna confronts Christine with Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

Is Bling Empire Real?

Yes. Bling Empire is a reality show. Of course, it was shot under the guidance of producers and a production team – but it tries to be as real as possible.

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It follows the lives of wealthy Asian and Asian Americans as they navigate the ups and downs of life in Los Angeles, California.

Filmed in a world before COVID, the actors can celebrate together, engage in heated arguments and travel.

And the cast is so wealthy – their individual estimated net worth ranges from £ 7 million to £ 438 million!

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In addition, some of the cast are direct heirs to billion dollar fortunes.

Bling Empire Reviews

So far, Bling Empire has received mostly positive reviews.

The Guardian described the eight-part series as follows: “With an all-Asian-American cast, a jaw-dropping excess, and a breakout star in the form of Anna Shay, Netflix’s new series cemented the streamer as the front runner in the genre. ”

Meanwhile, GQ argued, “But what really makes Bling Empire sing is the fact that, unlike the cast on other reality TV shows, the characters really seem to get along.

With an all-Asian-American cast, a mind-boggling excess and a breakout star in the form of Anna Shay, Netflix’s new series cemented the streamer as the front runner in the genre.

“And most of them can’t bother to get involved in conflict – beyond the small, diamond-related one-upmanship.

“‘Asians don’t fight,’ Kane claims as tension surges between the show’s Himbo poor (positioned as the poor but actually worth roughly $ 19 million) and would-be Kylie Jenner at a party.”

Bling Empire Kevin
Kevin talks to Anna about Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

Chrissy Teigen loves the Netflix show Bling Empire

Reality TV megafan Chrissy Teigen is also a certified fan of Bling Empire.

The model became a media personality, 35, initially tweeted the series in capital letters.

Followed by: “A battle over high jewelry, a term I’ve never heard of before, is exactly what I need on this beautiful evening.”

chrissy teigen loves bling rich
Chrissy loves the show (Credit: SplashNews)

Who is the most popular star?

The definitive breakout star of Bling Empire is Anna Shay.

The 60-year-old celebrity may be decades older than her castmates, but her incredibly flamboyant personality has already earned her a dedicated army of fans.

She is also said to be the richest of the cast, with an estimated value of $ 600 million (£ 438 million).

And apparently she got her money from her father’s fortune – who is an arms dealer.

Anna Shay on Bling Empire
Anna has grown into a solid fan favorite (Credit: Netflix)

We see Anna giving her friends thousands worth of Dior merchandise.

As well as inexplicably taking off her co-star rival Christine Chiu and winding it up again and again.

Anna is of Russian and Japanese descent and happily describes how she was married and divorced four times – and has absolutely no regrets.

How can i see it

All eight episodes of Bling Empire are now available to stream on Netflix.

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