It was a “difficult year”

John Stapleton lost his wife, Lynn Faulds Wood, a year ago and announced today (April 29th) on Lorraine that it was a tough 12 months.

Lynn died after a stroke in April last year.

She had had an illness for a long time and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called sticky blood syndrome.

Ever since John lost his best friend, he has been telling Lorraine Kelly that things have been difficult.

John Stapleton appeared in Lorraine to speak about Ms. Lynn (Image credit: ITV)

John Stapleton on the anniversary of Mrs. Lynn’s death

“It was obviously a difficult year,” he said.

“My son Nick and his wife Lisa have helped me tremendously. Friends, family and dear neighbors were also fantastic.

“Because of the pandemic, it was difficult for everyone this year, not just for me.

John went on to talk about Lorraine’s No Butts campaign, which aims to get people to talk about colon cancer.

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John stated, “She was first diagnosed with colorectal cancer 30 years ago and at that time colon cancer was the Cinderella of cancers in the UK.”

When Lynn was diagnosed, neither of us really knew what colon cancer was. And when she was diagnosed and had the operation, she said, “I’m going to change that.”

“Very little was talked about it, not a lot of money was spent on campaigning.

“When Lynn was diagnosed, none of us really knew what colon cancer was. And when she was diagnosed and had the operation, she said, “I’m going to change that.”

“She’s spoken to a lot of doctors and they created this evidence-based list of symptoms that the Ministry of Health has finally accepted.”

Lynn Faulds Wood died last year (Photo credit:

What did Lorraine say?

A distinctly emotional Lorraine expressed her admiration for John’s late wife and the campaign.

She said, “But we stand on the shoulders of a giant. We just follow what she did. We can’t quantify how many people she saved, but it has to be many people.

“I can’t believe she talked about feces with Prince Charles!”

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John added, “She persuaded Prince Charles to come to the old ITV building … and Prince Charles was at least speaking in public about bottoms and poo who must have been some kind of king first!

“Lynn did a great job for four years, but it got to her in the end. It’s the same story as colon cancer, not enough people know about it, even now.

“Not enough doctors and nurses know the symptoms and that is one of the topics she promoted until the end of her days.

“All the people we’ve seen did their best, but we need information.”

How long was John and how was Mrs. Lynn married?

John and Lynn tied the knot in 1977 and welcomed their son Nick in 1987.

They presented Watchdog together in the late 80s and early 90s, and Lynn was also known for programs like World In Action and Watchdog Test House.

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