“It was a little scary to suddenly face the world out there to judge you,” says Bhavana Pandey

Bhavana Pandey received endless love for being the most popular woman on the show “The Fabulous Life of Bollywood Women”. We saw her as a mother of two and the wife of an actor who, like all mothers and women, sought the welfare of their families. Bhavana is a fashion designer and owns a streetwear brand. What we don’t know is that we may have missed seeing them all together.

Bhavana Pandey revealed in an interview with a leading newspaper that she was reluctant to join the show when she said, “I was in my early 20s VJ and a model, but that age was different. Now I’m Chunky’s wife and Ananya and Rysa’s mother. It was a little scary suddenly to face the world out there to judge you. “

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Well, all of that was in the past now as the talented entrepreneur got everyone to talk about her. As a DJ and model, she is now a successful fashion designer who says a lot about how talented women are. She has also been a stewardess since graduating. Her hard work seems to have no limits as she now has her own brand, LoveGen. She was also recently recognized for her work for this brand.

Ananya Panday’s mother and Chunky Pandey’s wife became the favorite woman on the show with their grounded and relatable manner. Let’s hope we can get more of her soon and that she is back for us with more inspiration.

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