It’s a sin creator breaks silence over shock Phillip Schofield’s reference

It’s a Sin Creator Russell T Davies has finally broken his silence over a controversial reference to Phillip Schofield.

Viewers were stunned when the characters made a comment on the show about the This Morning star being secretly gay.

Phillip didn’t come out gay until last year, which resulted in viewers of the 1980s-based series scratching their heads.

The cast of It’s a Sin is currently airing on Channel 4 on Fridays (Image credit: C4)

It’s a sin: how did you know Phillip Schofield was gay?

One viewer tweeted: “I observe #It’s a sin and had to check shooting dates because of the Phillip Schofield mention. Filming was (officially) completed 7 days before its release. Does it just have to be a coincidence? “

A second user said, “Dead by the Phillip reference! #It’s a sin “

“PHILLIP SCHOFIELD! #It’s a sinSaid a third.

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Russell T Davies has now insisted that the reference was just a fluke.

In the scene, Ritchie (Olly Alexander) talks to his lover Donald (Nathaniel Hall) about which celebrities they think are gay.

Holly and Phil that morning
Phillip Schofield came out last year (Credit: ITV)

Donald says, “I’ll tell you who else – Phillip Schofield. I had a friend who worked in the broom closet and said he was there like Billy-o. “

Russell explained the hint The times that it was just a fantasy for the characters.

“Gay men always say that a handsome man is gay on TV. In the 1980s we always said Phillip Schofield was gay.

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“The attorney said, ‘No, you don’t have to clear this with Schofield because he’s straight, so we don’t have to check this. ‘

“He only came out now, isn’t that weird?” he added.

It’s A Sin follows five friends who live together in London amid the AIDS crisis.

One of the characters in It’s A Sin is a real person (Credit: Channel 4)

Is it a sin, a true story?

Russell T. Davies draws heavily from his own experiences during this time.

As a result, one character, Jill Baxter, is actually based on a real person.

It is based on the real character of Jill Nalder, who is a longtime friend of the writer.

Amazingly, Jill Nalder is an actress just like Jill on the show and even appears on the show as Christine Baxter, Jill Baxter’s mother.

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