It’s jalsa time for actor Iqbal Khan

Actor Iqbal Khan has started filming Jalsa, Suresh Triveni’s next film with Vidya Balan. The film, which is set to be released in 2022, has strong cast members like Shefali Shah and Rohini Hattangadi. On this occasion Iqbal said; “The makers have threaded a diverse cast. For me, the story is always the most important, and the engaging plot of Jalsa got me to move on. It is a powerful, unique and quirky story of powerful characters and difficult circumstances. I can’t go into the story in detail, but all I can say is that Suresh Triveni is too good to say no. Although my role is a kickass, I would do it even if he asked me to play a lamp post. “

Following the conversation, the actor said: “I’ve always wanted to work with Vidya and make a film with her that will be directed by Suresh is like ‘Sone Pe Suhaga’. Vidya is like a human dynamo. The energy she brings to the sets is simply unparalleled. I am delighted that the film is being produced by Abundantia Entertainment and T-Series, who have always curated strong and engaging content. Besides always supporting great scripts, Vikram Malhotra is also a great person. “

Iqbal’s journey began in 2001 with music videos that made him very popular on television and has now taken him to lead roles on web series. Life is closed with Jalsa, a feature film that audiences will love. The actor has always pushed the envelope and never ceased to amaze audiences with his intense portrayals of groundbreaking characters.

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