ITV set is hit by a wave of Ofcom complaints, viewers predict

ITV should prepare for a wave of Ofcom complaints, This Morning viewers predicted.

On today’s show (June 25), viewers watched presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary greet a young family on the show.

Chloe, husband James and two-year-old daughter Olivia appeared on This Morning to discuss their Guinness World Record.

Chloe and James hold the record for the couple with the greatest difference in altitude due to a rare form of dwarfism.

The family showed up this morning this morning (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened this morning on ITV this morning?

When Alison and Dermot did the interview, little Olivia seemed to please the father of Eine Dermot.

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He was seen waving to the toddler and showing her a thumbs up before she climbed off her mother’s lap.

Little Olivia ventured over to Dermot and the host asked for a high five.

And this could cause the complaints to flood, viewers predict.

itv this morning: viewers predict Ofcom complaints
Little Olivia high five Dermot (Image: ITV)

What did the viewers of This Morning say?

Dermat Olivia really shouldn’t be high !!! ” hit one.

“Stop scolding the kid, Dermot! Now you have to disinfect them! ”Said another.

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People will complain to Ofcom after that Dermat Olivia touches, ”said another.

Ofcom will be busy after that High five, ”said another viewer.

“Dermot doesn’t keep his social distance from Olivia give me fiveing them. If she gets COVID tomorrow, you’ll be sorry, ”warned another.

itv this morning: viewers predict Ofcom complaints
The little girl shone Dermot (Image: ITV)

“Fair play for Dermot because he entertained her”

Not everyone was excited about the high five, however.

Others found Dermot to be adorable with the little girl.

All the people who whine about the high five … it would have been more if Dermat said no, I can’t do that to a 2 year old! ”said one.

itv this morning: viewers predict Ofcom complaints
Dermot O’Leary came under fire with some viewers of This Morning on Twitter (Image: ITV)

To like Dermat will be like “Sorry not allowed you to high five, social distancing and everything” for a 2 year old. For a kid, it’s ‘oh yes’ thinking, ”said another.

“FAir game too Dermat for the entertainment of a two year old, ”said another.

Children are in schools and kindergartens and have been since July last year, “said another.

“The employees have to have physical contact with the children when they need diapers or injure themselves. It was just one High five, ”they added.

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