ITV viewers beat “worst team ever” after disaster

The Chase viewers slammed a team of three when they recorded one of the lowest if not the lowest score ever on ITV show.

Hosts Bradley Walsh and Chaser Anne Hegerty couldn’t believe their eyes when the team lost the plot in the final chase, recording a score of seven on last night’s show (Monday February 22nd).

The team couldn’t bring it together (Credit: ITV)

What happened last night at The Chase on ITV?

Paul, Alex and Harriet’s team won Β£ 14,000 with Chaser Anne.

Based on a total of three questions, the team was only able to answer four more questions correctly, so that a total of seven questions were asked.

It was a disastrous show by the trio, and at one point Paul and Alex got so nervous that they tried to answer the same question.

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After the disaster, Bradley said, “I didn’t see this coming.”

Anne, who tried to offer an explanation, replied, “I think what happened was that you got some tricky ones there and you let that affect your minds and then you started doing those wrong, that you should have done right. “

The governess caught her easily with a whopping minute and 24 seconds.

Was it the lowest score in The Chase history?

One Twitter account said, β€œ7 is the lowest goal set by a team.

“Not just a 3-person team, but a team of all sizes.”

ED! went back to the archives and found an episode from 2017 where solo team member Eleanor only managed a score of three.

Mark Labbett caught her after 12 seconds.

Further investigation revealed that Charlie also scored seven goals in 2014.

A YouTube fan account says a score of seven has only been recorded four times in the show’s history.

Fans called the team “embarrassing”

Viewers quickly devastated the team on Twitter after its sad performance.

One said, β€œ3 of them in the last chase 3 ahead and they only get 4 questions right. Embarrassing to say the least. “

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Another wrote, “That was the most shocking final car chase I have ever seen.”

A third said bluntly, β€œThe worst. Team. Ever. “

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