ITV viewers complain that the attendee’s answer was correct

Viewers of The Chase on ITV were convinced that a contestant in the last chase on the show last night (Thursday, Feb.11) got a question right, despite Bradley Walsh saying he got it wrong.

And while Hannah and Ian were only a team of two in the hit quiz show finale, they were very successful and wanted Anne Hegerty to be a formidable target.

However, there was controversy when Bradley marked a question as wrong, which outraged viewers.

There has been controversy over The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened last night at The Chase on ITV?

Retired teacher Ian managed to bet seven grand on the Cash Builder and got him back on the team in style.

Next, 23-year-old officer Hannah had a great wallet and then managed to return £ 9,000 to Ian.

With only the couple left, they needed all the help they could get.

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They played for £ 16,000 and scored a very good 18 points.

But it wasn’t enough – Anne caught her 15 seconds ahead.

However, this wasn’t the big issue during the last chase.

Ian and Hannah at The Chase
Ian and Hannah played for £ 16k (Credit: ITV)

What answer did Ian give to Bradley’s question?

During that final chase, Bradley asked the couple, “Which actress married Trevor Eve in 1980?”

Ian quickly pressed his buzzer and replied, “Sharon Mouham”.

Bradley thought this was a wrong answer, however, as the actress was named Sharon Maughan.

It was then outraged that viewers on Twitter complained that Ian had the correct answer … or at least correct enough.

How did the audience react?

One viewer wrote: “Sharon Maughan is difficult to pronounce – he should have got this one! #the hunt.”

Another complained, “Should have given him Sharon Maughan.”

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A third commented, “Wasn’t fair, his answer was marked incorrect just because he easily mispronounced the surname #thechase.”

Finally, another viewer wrote: “I can’t believe Ian didn’t allow this answer on #TheChase! Hard to pronounce name, he and Sharon Maughan were close enough! “

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